The 12 Best Women’s Daypacks for Hiking

Ladies, if you are searching for a game-changing daypack to up your hiking game, this guide is for you. I have covered everything from features to types to tips for choosing a women’s daypack for hiking that fits your requirements. You can also go through my handpicked recommendations of the top 12 Amazon daypacks and best urban backpacks and pick one easily!

This way, it is now easier than ever to safely hike alone as a woman and pack for a day hike.

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Finding the Best Women’s Daypack for Hiking

A daypack is a smaller, lightweight and frameless backpack that’s designed for short trips – be it for a run to the grocery store or a hike in the woods. However, a hike-specific daypack will have more technical features in it, as I’m outlining below.

If you are just starting out with half or one-day hiking trips to learn the ropes of hiking, I recommend you purchase a daypack designed with the outdoors in mind. They are cheaper and less bulky than technical backpacks designed for multi-day hiking trips.

Also, remember that purchasing just ‘any’ backpack is not a great idea because they aren’t designed to provide the same level of convenience and comfort as day hiking daypacks.

The best daypacks for hiking will optimize your efficiency on a hike, allowing you to carry a significant load for a longer period without straining your shoulders.

Daypacks are designed to be more breathable, so you don’t sweat buckets carrying them. They are also loaded with many other features.

As many women’s bodies have a different shape when compared to men’s, we can choose daypacks that are designed to fit our bodies. This is not to say we must steer clear of gender-neutral or male daypacks. It’s simply to give us more choices and a reference point. So keep reading!


TOP CHOICES of the Best Hiking Backpacks for Women

Best for Hiking AND Travel as it packs 46l of top Osprey goodness: Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack

Best for petite hikers looking for a small daypack: Sunhiker Water Resistant Travel Small Daypack

Best for Ladies looking for a medium-sized packable daypack: Outlander Ultra Lightweight Water-Resistant Packable Daypack

Best for a 10l mini-daypack for kids and grown-ups hiking light: OneTrail Mini Me 10 Liter Small Daypack

What’s the Difference Between a Daypack for Women and for Men?

Sometimes, you would feel like ads make a big deal out of classifying daypacks based on gender. In fact, a lot of it is just marketing hype that is there to remind us of…patriarchy maybe?

But, are there actual differences between a daypack for women and men? Yes, there are. 

The difference that matters, however, is completely ergonomic and physiological as opposed to aesthetics. So, here’s a quick overview.

Women Usually Have a Shorter Torso Than Men

So, the best women’s daypack for hiking should feature a shorter back length, aka, shorter torso range than men’s backpacks. Many backpacks and some daypacks also provide you the ability to adjust this for a perfect fit.

Women’s Shoulders Aren’t Wide As That of Men

The best women’s daypack for hiking should ideally distribute less weight on the shoulders and more in the hip area. To be more specific, 80% of what you carry should be borne by the hip and 20% by the front of your shoulders. 

As our shoulders are narrower, shoulder straps in the best daypacks for women are thin and with more curvature. 

Should Include a Fitting Hip Belt

So, a daypack with a hip belt included in its design is very important to consider. In most daypacks designed for women, you would find the hip belt to be shorter, wider, and sharply angled to accommodate curvy hips. There should also be extra padding on the hip belt to avoid chafing. 

Chest Straps That Won’t Squash Your Breasts

A hiking daypack designed specifically for women will also feature chest/sternum straps to hold the shoulder straps together and reinforce the support. They should also be placed higher, so they don’t squash your breasts -a total no-go!

That said, our bodies are different, and personally, you might find men’s daypacks to be more comfortable and fitting than women’s. The same goes for men whose height is on the shorter side and who need indeed a shorter backpack. In the end, you should settle for what suits you!

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What Can You Fit Inside a Daypack?

Hiking daypacks have a capacity ranging from 20-50 liters. So, you won’t be able to stuff a lot of bulky gear inside. Ideally, they can hold essentials and hiking gear required for half to full-day hikes. For longer journeys or hikes in extreme weather conditions, you will be better off with a full-on hiking backpack. Also, some cool ones can store as little as 10l (I’ve included an example of this!)

Main Compartment

In the main compartment, you can store a spare set of clothes, underwear, socks, hat, gloves, scarves, food and snacks, headlamps, a mini first-aid kit, and a camera. You can place your rainproof jackets on top for easy access. If it’s a daypack with an internal hydration sleeve, you can place a water bladder as well. However, remember that the space left for other stuff will be compromised up to some extent. 

Hiking Daypacks Exterior Pockets

The best women’s daypack for hiking should come with plenty of exterior pockets for better organization

In the medium-sized exterior pocket, you can place your essential toiletries like sunscreen and insect repellents, pens, mobile devices, a notebook, charger, etc. Your water bottle(s) and bug spray can go on the side pockets.

If you are using trekking poles, there should be external loops to hold them in place. Usually, you won’t be able to fit sleeping bags, tents, or large gear in hiking daypacks. 

Still, you can always go through the available sizes and check. It’s worth mentioning that some of the Amazon daypacks for women in this curated list have straps below to faster a sleeping bag.

I find exterior pockets essential as sometimes you not only need to have your gear handy, but you need to access it super quickly. For example, I always bring a whistle and a first aid kit with me, even on easy hikes. With experience, you start learning what works best for you and which camping and/or hiking gear you need to feel truly safe on the trail.

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A Word on Zippers for Hiking Daypacks

Stop the world! Before we go any further, I must comment on how important it is to ensure you are getting a daypack with decent-quality zippers.

A big difference when choosing between a multi-purpose daypack for everyday activities and one designed for hiking or general outdoor activities is the latter will have sturdier zippers.

On this curated list, you will find a variety of packs. Some are foldable little cuties you will use only for carrying a few stuff. But then, others will be proper hiking daypacks. These are the ones you will want to check come with good zippers. How can you tell? Good zippers run smooth and slow, and the fabric around them is thicker and reinforced.

Double Zippers

Many of the best daypacks in the market will have double zippers. This is great, and I do prefer it but! If your zippers are a bit loose or sitting together on the upper part of your pack, you risk your daypack opening.

And finally, before we move on, know that the more items you put in your hiking daypack, the bulkier it will get. Hence, your zippers will be under a lot of pressure. Organize the weight of your pack to prevent making the zippers too tight. 

This is one of the issues that can ruin your backpack faster. I have a trick to fix this tho!

Simply take a pair of pliers and tighten the sides of the zippers. However, this is just a quick fix. Also, it’s annoying to go hiking with pliers! So better be safe than sorry. Okay?

Features of the Best Women’s Daypacks For Hiking

Padded Shoulder Straps

The best women’s daypacks have well-cushioned shoulder straps for a good reason. Skinny straps can easily chafe your skin and dig into your bones, making it difficult to carry the load. 

In addition to providing a very squishy and comfortable feel, the padding also makes it easier to carry the weight. Moreover, shoulder straps take a curve shape to accommodate women’s body shape well. 

Hip Belt Pockets

Many daypacks for women also feature pockets on the wide hip belts to provide easy access to your mobile devices, wallets, or keys. However, they only come in technical daypacks designed for day hikes as opposed to ones designed for casual purposes. 

Hydration Sleeve

Women’s daypacks for hiking can come with an internal hydration sleeve, external hydration sleeve, or no hydration sleeve! 

The choice depends on your convenience, requirements, and the duration of your hike. The benefit of an internal hydration sleeve is that you don’t have anything protruding onto your back, like external bladders. But, if the bladder leaks, it can affect the contents in the bag!

Imagine reaching out for a pair of warm clothes only to find them wet -my worst nightmare, especially after hiking the Milford Track where it rains A LOT!

Adjustable Torso Length

Daypacks rarely come with adjustable torso length, but if that’s one of your primary concerns, look for it. This can become important if you are heading on a longer hike and don’t find the average torso length well suited to your body. I have highlighted the best daypack for women with adjustable torso length below!

Rain Cover

So important! Weather can change even on short hikes! So better be prepared, especially if you have a camera or some other device in your bag. 

Some of the best women’s daypacks for hiking are made out of water-resistant materials, and some come with a rain cover. If your choice doesn’t have any water-repelling mechanism, buy one separately.

Large Main Compartment 

Do you need a large compartment? It really depends on how much gear you want to stuff inside. If you are a “just in case” packer like me, a large compartment is an asset.

Also, note that as you progress as a hiker, you will start getting more efficient gear. For example, you won’t carry your everyday winter jacket, but maybe a lightweight fleece jumper that will keep you warm, cozy, and packs small. Knowing what to wear and bring on a hike will impact how big of a daypack you need!

Exterior Pockets And Internal Compartments

Who doesn’t love pockets!? I know I talked about this above, but I can’t stress it enough! 

The best day hiking packs are equipped with plenty of functional pockets. They make organization so easy, even for the sloppiest of us! So, make it a point to look for pockets that will help you arrange things neatly and access them easily. Gear loops and carabiners are also aspects to consider here. 

In addition to external pockets, also pay attention to the number of internal compartments/partitions and their sizes to determine if the particular women’s hiking daypack is suitable for your needs. This way, you don’t have to unload everything before finding what you are looking for.

Ultralight Daypacks

Daypacks are meant for light hikes – so select one that’s light in weight yet durable. You won’t be stuffing that many items in it, so don’t make your life miserable by choosing a bulky one. However, it’s noteworthy that what’s lightweight for you may not be the same for someone else. So, pay attention to your body weight and size as well.


If you sweat a lot even when the weather isn’t very warm, this feature should be a top priority. Nylon and polyester are two common materials found among the best hiking daypacks because of their fast-drying properties. Moreover, many daypacks for women come with mesh padding on the back panel to improve breathability. 

Adjustable Sternum Straps

You don’t want sternum/chest straps hurting or putting pressure on your breasts during hikes. In addition, they should also be adjustable to provide a very snug fit. Have you tried hiking like this just before or during your period? Uuuuuf, not fun!

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Types of Daypacks

Traditional Daypacks

These are multi-purpose daypacks that can be used for traveling, hiking, running, cycling, and other activities that don’t require you to carry a bulk load. 

Traditional daypacks come with many pockets and spacious compartments to cram your essentials. They are great for short hikes. Depending on design and quality, some will be super sturdy and durable, perfect for hiking, whereas others will be just your average daypack for city life.

Climbing Daypacks

Although these daypacks don’t differ much from traditional daypacks, they have additional features like external gear loops, daisy chains, ax loops, helmet holders, etc. They should also be spacious enough to store hardware items and ropes. 

Foldable Daypacks

Say you are going on a multi-day hiking or camping adventure. You would need a technical backpack with sufficient capacity to haul the load efficiently. But, when you go out on day hikes or short trips from the camping site, a daypack is more convenient than carrying a bulky backpack.

In this case, foldable daypacks can come in very handy. These are portable, light in weight, and serve their purpose perfectly.

Hiking Daypacks with Hydration Bladder

Staying hydrated is crucial when you are hiking, and hydration bladders make it convenient to drink water. Some of the best women’s daypacks for hiking come with an integrated hydration sleeve to hold a bladder and a port to send the sipping tube/hose to the exterior of the daypack.

Some daypacks come with the water bladder itself, so you don’t have to buy one separately. 

Single Strap Daypacks 

Also known as sling backpacks or crossbody backpacks, these daypacks aren’t meant for long journeys.

They are usually small and ultra-lightweight daypacks that can be used when cycling or running. So, if what you need is a compact daypack to hold your basics like wallets, phone, water bottle, and few other things, this is a good choice. 

Waterproof Daypacks

If you are hiking in an area prone to frequent rains, a waterproof daypack is an ideal choice. This also applies if you go, for example, on a kayaking trip, or know you’ll be crossing rivers. I personally identify these packs more as rucksacks other than regular daypacks.

Anyway! These daypacks for women are made out of complete waterproof materials instead of water-resistant materials that are only meant to withstand occasional splashes. However, they are not very common. A more versatile option is to always bring a daypack cover (or get a dry pouch/rucksack.)


Tips for Choosing the Best Women’s Daypack for Hiking

Determine the Purpose

Why do you need it? If you want an extra daypack for your multi-day hiking trip, a packable one is ideal. You can store it in your main backpack instead of carrying it separately and use it only when needed. But, if you need a multi-purpose backpack that’s light in weight, a traditional daypack is the one to select. 

My daypack is a Tatonka 25l, which is incredibly sturdy! I’ve had it for 3 years now. I got it second-hand through a friend of a friend, so the pack may be about 5 years, and it’s still coming strong.

I’m not much of a purse person, so I bring this daypack with me all the time and can even fit my laptop in it. 

It works for me because of its versatility and some extra features I like. For example, it’s slightly reflective, great for cycling back from yoga at night.

All this I’m saying it’s because you should get a daypack that strikes the perfect balance for your lifestyle, purpose, and activities.


As I mentioned before, there’s a chance that you won’t be comfortable carrying a backpack designed for men. However, unisex daypacks can work well as they are designed with both in mind. So, pay attention to your torso size, waist, and chest measurements and refer to the product description before selecting a daypack. 

If you are a small person, adjustability is very important for a good fit. 


If you are looking for a small daypack that can hold just a few items, a 10 liter one would suffice.

If you need an average-sized one, look for 15-30 liter daypacks.

A large size daypack would be around 40 or more liters. Again, the capacity also depends on the activity. For hiking or climbing, you need a bigger size. If it’s for running or cycling, a small one is the best option. 


Prioritize the features you are looking for in a daypack and select accordingly. Should it come with a rain cover? How many pockets? Is a hydration bladder essential for you? These will help you narrow your choices and select easily. 

12 Best Women’s Daypacks for Hiking

Check out this fab selection and find the best women’s daypack for you! This curated list strikes a balance of quality and affordability, features, uses, and reviews on Amazon.

1. TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Pack

Best for: A day hike daypack with hydration bladder

Amazon rating: 4.6 (10,089 reviews)

Capacity (liters): 18 liters    

Fabric: Weatherproof honeycomb ripstop polyester          

Hip belt: No  

Pockets: The daypack has four pockets, including the one designed to hold the bladder in place. There is also an elastic pouch on either side to hold water bottles.   

Chest fit: Yes.          

Can fit water bladder: Yes 


  • A daypack with a water bladder for free! (2 or 3 liters)

  • Reasonably priced 

  • A sewn-in waterproof cover to protect your daypack when it rains

  • Lightweight 

  • The back is cushioned and breathable 

  • Durable 

  • Spacious


  • Some have complained that the chest strap length is too short for women.

  • The straps aren’t cushioned well. 

  • Some users have found the water bladder difficult to use and leaky.

  • Zippers aren’t very sturdy. 

  • Low water resistance 

Other features

There’s a velcro pocket at the bottom of this women’s daypack to store the rain cover. You also can attach hiking poles and helmets externally. The daypack weighs 2 lbs and is available in many colors. Its dimensions are 18.5 x 10 x 7 inches.

2. CamelBak Women’s Helena 20 Hiking Hydration Pack

Best for: A women’s day hiking backpack with water bladder

Amazon rating: 4.7 (87 reviews)

Capacity (liters): 20 liters    

Fabric: Partially made out of recycled materials    

Hip belt: Yes 

Pockets: One zippered pocket, one open pouch, two small pockets on hip belts, and a stretchable pocket on either side of the backpack to hold water bottles. 

Chest fit: Yes.          

Can fit water bladder: Yes  


  • Detachable sternum straps with a range of adjustments (28-46 inches) to provide a snug fit.      

  • Load bearing hip belt to transfer the load from shoulder to hips effectively

  • One of the best ultralight daypacks for women!

  • Impressive quality and durability 

  • A water bladder is included 

  • Adequately cushioned straps for optimum comfort 


  • Pricey

  • Pockets on the hip belt aren’t big enough 

  • Not water-resistant and no rain cover included 

Other features

If you are looking for a women-specific, hydration-compatible daypack, this is it! The backpack weighs 85 oz. and is 18.5 x 1.52 x 9.84 inches in dimensions. It is available in two colors; Dragonfly Teal and Charcoal.

3. Venture Pal 40L Lightweight Packable Travel Hiking Daypack

Best for: A large-capacity foldable daypack to take on multi-day hikes

Amazon reviews: 4.7 (15,428 reviews)      

Capacity (liters): 40 liters    

Fabric: Tear and water-resistant nylon        

Hip belt: No  

Pockets: There is one zippered pocket on the front and two side pockets to hold your bottles. The main compartment also has a separate waterproof pocket to store your wet clothes.     

Chest fit: Yes. But not specifically designed for women   

Can fit water bladder: No


  • Very lightweight 

  • Water-resistant 

  • Very durable for a packable daypack

  • Easily storable and portable due to its small pack size 

  • The main compartment is very spacious 

  • The straps are cushioned well and comfortable 

  • Affordable 


  • There’s no specific compartment to hold a water bladder and setup the tube

  • No rain cover included 

  • Lack of adjustable straps 

Other features

The daypack when folded is just 6.6 x 1.9 x 8.2 inches and handily fits inside a pouch. Its dimensions when unfolded are 20 x 12 x 8 inches and it weighs only 0.7 oz. 

You can also use the waterproof pocket to store your valuables as there’s no rain cover for this bag. It comes in a variety of attractive colors and patterns. I wouldn’t recommend it for hikes in extreme weather. 

4. WATERFLY Crossbody Sling Travel Hiking Daypack

Best for: A crossbody style small daypack for women

Amazon rating: 4.7 (8,113 reviews)

Capacity (liters): Not specified by the supplier. It’s probably around 3-4 liters

Fabric: Nylon           

Hip belt: No  

Pockets: One zipper pocket and buckle pouch in the front, one shoulder strap pouch for your mobile, and a mesh pocket on either side. 

Chest fit: No 

Can fit water bladder: No 


  • Super cheap!

  • Very lightweight  

  • Sturdy

  • The reversible shoulder strap makes it ideal for both left and right-handed people 

  • Even the main compartment has partitions to store your essentials in a very organized manner 

  • There’s an earphone hole to give you easy access!


  • Too small for longer day hikes 

  • Not machine washable 

  • The strap is too wide for ladies with narrow shoulders and can be uncomfortable to wear

  • The strap is quite stiff 

  • Low water-resistance 

Other features

Unless your hike is only for a couple of hours, I would recommend this only for cycling or running as it can’t hold a lot of things. The daypack measures 15 x 3.5 x 5 inches in size and is available in a range of attractive colors.

5. Miracol Hydration Backpack with Bladder

Best for: A women’s daypack with thermal insulation

Amazon rating: 4.7 (5,268) 

Capacity (liters): 15 liters    

Fabric: Nylon           

Hip belt: Yes 

Pockets: One front pocket, one open mesh pocket, and two zippered pockets on the hip belt.   

Chest fit: Yes 

Can fit water bladder: Yes. The daypack comes with a 2-liter hydration bladder.        


  • Thermal insulation to keep liquids cool up to 4 hours

  • Lightweight and very comfortable to wear 

  • Great value for money

  • Durable material 

  • Multiple pockets and partitions allow for easy organization           

  • Water-resistant


  • Not ideal for long-distance hikes as the bladder takes most of the space

  • Shoulder straps aren’t cushioned well and can cause chaffing if worn for a prolonged period 

  • Well-designed bladder and the tube can be installed on either left or right hand

  • Sizing issue with chest straps, especially for small-sized people 

Other features

Miracol remains one of the best daypacks for women that are equipped with a hydration bladder. However, some users have complained that the insulation doesn’t function at its optimum level. 

The main compartment is not very spacious but adequate for basic essentials. The backpack measures 16.5 x 9.5 x 2.8 inches and weighs 1.5 lbs. It is available in many different colors.

6. FENGDONG 40L Lightweight Daypack for Hiking

Best for: A highly durable unisex daypack

Amazon rating: 4.6 (2,993)

Capacity (liters): 40 liters    

Fabric: Extra thick, tear-resistant, water-resistant, and anti-abrasion polyester    

Hip belt: Yes 

Pockets: One zippered front pocket, two side pockets to hold bottles, zippered pockets on the hip belt, and an additional zippered pocket in the main compartment.         

Chest fit: Yes 

Can fit water bladder? No 


  • There are straps at the bottom to secure a sleeping bag 

  • Well-cushioned straps make it very comfortable to wear for a long time

  • A high-quality women’s day pack with sturdy zippers. 

  • Straps are easily adjustable and provide a snug fit

  • Highly breathable material 

  • Affordable


  • Not designed to fit a bladder 

  • Some users have found the pockets to be too small to hold their phones and other devices

Other features

As one of the best daypacks for women in the market, you can count on this FENGDONG model to last for a long time! You can store a hydration bladder, albeit with technical issues!

Also, don’t assume this bag to hold against rain as its water resistance is only meant for occasional splashes or drizzles. The daypack measures 20.5 x 13 x 7.1 inches in size and weighs 1.9 lbs. It comes in a variety of colors, most of which are dark and neutral shades.

7. Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack

Best for: Osprey backpack owners looking for a daypack to pair with it! 

Amazon rating: 4.8 (3,752)

Capacity (liters): 20 liters    

Fabric: Polyester      

Hip belt: Yes 

Pockets: There’s a zippered pocket with a mesh partition, two stretchable side pockets to hold water bottles, a shove-it pocket to stash a rain jacket or a small item, and a small zippered pocket in the front.   

Chest fit: Yes 

Can fit water bladder: Yes. The water bladder has to be purchased separately.


  • A super comfortable day hike backpack

  • Excellent build quality. Many have used it for a long time without an issue.

  • Adequate pockets to conveniently organize your gear 

  • Can be attached to Osprey backpacks! – you have to check for compatible models beforehand though 

  • Versatile. The daypack has a separate partition to hold your laptop, so you can use it for travel purposes as well. 

  • Water-resistant


  • Quite expensive 

  • It may not be compatible for hikers of above or below average build

  • The straps are too narrow and short 

  • The side pockets aren’t designed well to hold your water bottle tightly. They are too big for average-sized bottles.

Other features

Osprey daypacks come with a lifetime warranty, so if you have any issues with the product, rest assured that you will be compensated! If you are small, I think the straps would fit you very well. 

Given the reviews of previous users, it’s one of the most durable daypacks for women in the market! The daypack measures 18 x 10 x 9 inches and weighs 1.19 lbs.

8. Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack

Best for:  A versatile and convertible daypack for hiking and traveling

Amazon rating: 4.8 (1,784)

Capacity (liters): 46 liters    

Fabric: Nylon           

Hip belt: Yes 

Pockets: A zippered pocket on top for small items, a larger front pocket with mesh partition for better organization, and a smaller vertical zippered pocket. There’s also a laptop sleeve at the back of the main compartment.         

Chest fit: Yes 

Can fit water bladder: No 


  • Innovative design

  • Very spacious, allowing you to cram a significant number of items – be it for hiking or traveling

  • Excellent durability 

  • Well designed pockets for good organization 

  • Compressions straps allow you to adjust the bulkiness of the bag

  • Water-resistant


  • Expensive 

  • Not very comfortable 

  • The shoulder strap for the duffel bag has to be purchased separately

  • Many complaints about the hip belt being too short, uncomfortable, and rough on the skin

Other features

If you are considering this for hiking, know that this daypack doesn’t come with a hydration sleeve. It also doesn’t have external pockets to hold water bottles. But, if what you need is a big-ish size, this is the best women’s daypack for hiking. 

The daypack measures 22 x 14 x 11 inches in size and weighs 3.4 lbs. It is also covered by Osprey’s usual warranty.

9. Gregory Mountain Products Jade 28 Liter Women’s Hiking Daypack

Best for:  A women’s hiking daypack with an adjustable torso range (internal frame)

Amazon rating: 4.8 (55 reviews)

Capacity (liters): 28 liters    

Fabric: Nylon           

Hip belt: Yes 

Pockets: Two mesh pockets on the side to hold water bottles, two pockets on the waist strap, a stretchable open pocket in the front, and a zippered pocket in the internal compartment     

Chest fit: Yes 

Can fit water bladder: Yes 


  • Rain cover included  

  • The frame suspension can be adjusted easily to fit your torso length

  • Well-padded straps for a comfortable experience 

  • Spacious 

  • Very durable             

  • Ventilated back panel

  • Waist pockets are big enough to hold your phone


  • Expensive 

Other features

The backpack is available in two sizes and allows for a torso length adjustment between 14-18 or 16-20 inches. This is one of the best Gregory backpacks for women that will last for years with careful use. 

As this is a medium-sized daypack, it would be handy for long day hikes and for traveling. The daypack measures 20.5 x 12.25 x 10 inches and weighs 2 lbs 8.8 oz. It is available in Mayan Teal, Ethereal Grey, and Poppy Red.

10. Sunhiker Water Resistant Travel Small Daypack

Best for: Petite people looking for small daypacks for women

Amazon rating: 4.4 (4,757)

Capacity (liters): 20-25 liters           

Fabric: Tear-resistant nylon 

Hip belt: Yes 

Pockets: A medium-sized zipper with partition, a mesh pocket on either side for bottles, a small vertical zipper, and another small zippered pocket in the main compartment.    

Chest fit: Yes 

Can fit water bladder: No  


  • Very lightweight

  • One of the cheapest backpacks for women

  • Impressive quality and durability

  • The zippers are sturdy and work smoothly  

  • Waterproof, although I think it won’t hold well against heavy rain


  • The chest and hip straps only fit well for those with a small body stature 

  • Not very spacious 

  • Not ideal for carrying heavy items

Other features

The side pockets to hold water bottles also come with straps to secure them tightly. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing the bottle during hikes. 

The dimensions of this small women’s daypack for hiking are 15.8 x 9.4 x 5.9 inches, and it weighs 12.3 oz. It is available in many different colors.

11. Outlander Ultra Lightweight Water-Resistant Packable Daypack

Best for:  A medium-sized packable daypack for women

Amazon rating: 4.6 (11,779)

Capacity (liters): 20/33 liters (available in two sizes)         

Fabric: Rip and water-resistant nylon         

Hip belt: No  

Pockets: One small zippered pocket and a medium-sized pocket in the front, two side pockets for water bottles, one small zippered pocket in the main compartment      

Chest fit: No 

Can fit water bladder: No 


  • An uber-cheap women’s daypack 

  • “Deceptively spacious” as some fans like to call it!

  • Ultra-lightweight 

  • Packable and easily portable 

  • Very comfortable to wear 


  • Not the sturdiest option as with many packable daypacks 

  • Weight distribution is not good, due to the lack of chest and waist straps

Other features

This is by no means a backpack that can haul heavy gear. That said, its durability is satisfactory for the purposes it is designed for. It’s a nice-to-have daypack to stow inside your big backpack to take on short day trips while camping. 

I also think it’s great for traveling. The daypack measures 6.29 x 5.9 x 1.97 inches when folded and 16.92 x 10.63 x 7.08 inches when unfolded. It weighs only 0.46 lbs. and is available in a wide range of colors.

12. OneTrail Mini Me 10 Liter Small Daypack

Best for:  Anyone looking for hiking daypacks ideal for both kids and adults

Amazon rating: 4.6 (295 reviews)

Capacity (liters): 10 liters    

Fabric: Polyester and tweed            

Hip belt: No  

Pockets: One zippered outer pocket, two pouches on the sides to hold water bottles, and a small zippered pocket in the main compartment          

Chest fit: Yes 

Can fit a water bladder: No 


  • Super lightweight – even your kid will love it!

  • The chest strap is easily adjustable to gain a good fit 

  • Reasonably priced 

  • Although small, the daypack is spacious enough to hold a lot of things (as many users have reviewed very happily)

  • Good quality – the fabric is quite resistant to tear and wear 

  • Shoulder straps are cushioned well


  • Zips are hard to operate, although they are sturdy 

  • It may not fit everyone 

  • Not water resistant 

Other features

Besides hiking, this best daypack for women can also be used for short trips to the park. It also has a sleeve to fit your laptop. The belt on the outside can be used to hang your jacket or helmet. The dimensions of the daypack are 7.9 x 4.7 x 15.4 inches, and it weighs 1 lb.

Wrapping Up! The Best Women’s Daypacks for Hiking

Now that you know how to choose this essential piece of gear, remember that taking good care of it will make it last!

Remember to avoid putting too much pressure on the fabric and zippers and wash it from time to time following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

If you enjoyed this article, I’m sure these other guides will make your hiking and camping journey easy-as! 

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