20 Useful links to Immigration New Zealand's website

Today I'm sharing with you some of the most useful links to make your experience in  New Zealand’s Immigration website more user friendly. Wether you are looking into moving or just visiting, use this article as a browsing guide.

 Immigration New Zealand Website


As you can  imagine Immigration websites are not always easy to browse, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed and frustrated (but hey! we've all been there). New Zealand's Immigration website is not an exception!

I am positive that if you made it to my blog post it is because you are looking for information regarding the things you should do before coming to New Zealand.

Maybe you're after a Working Holiday or a Visitor visa, a Work visa, or you're planning to become a full-time resident.

In any case this post will save you some browsing time that you can spend on planning your trip or gathering your paperwork (maybe this doesn't sound like fun now but trust me, New Zealand is worth it).


Immigration New Zealand changes

Just a few months ago (in August) there were  quite a lot of changes in New Zealand's Immigration policies. This affected mostly requirements related to Work and Residency visas.

So be mindful if you are reading a blog post about coming or moving to NZ as it may be out of date. Only trust the official websites before making any decisions!

New Zealand reached the peak of Residency and Work visas acceptance during 2016, therefore they have introduced changes that affect mostly workers of trades that are considered less qualified or skilled.

I have been in New Zealand for 3 years and became a resident a year ago through a Partnership of a Skilled Migrant Resident visa.

As we are not native English speakers (and even if we were!) it took us a long time to find our way through the website and find all the instructions, forms and guides we needed  in order to submit our papers.

But taking the time to understand allowed us to do everything ourselves, without the need of spending a fortune in immigration lawyers.

This is just a quick practical guide. The links that you will find in this blog post are only the ones that I find to be truly relevant and related to the most usual visas.

Before we start I would just say this again: always confirm the information with the source!


Getting in touch with New Zealand's Immigration Website

It's quite easy to contact them.

Try to avoid calling during peak hours and be aware that there is usually a long queue. You can leave your phone and request a call back.

If you have any queries call before submitting your application. This will  save you a lot of time and stress.


Are you ready to apply?

Last but not least, if you are kind-of-ready to apply, be aware  that there is a backlog going on at the moment. This is caused by all the changes in the policies, as they have caused a lot of confusion.

I would strongly suggest you to follow all the instructions exactly as explained.

Make sure you submit a complete, clear and tidy application. This will make things easier for you.


English requirements

If you are not from a native English speaking country you will have to comply with certain requirements. Follow the link where it says English requirements and just wrap your head around it.




1. INZ official website

2. New INZ website for easy guides

3. Contact phone numbers


Most popular Work Visas

4.  All work visa options

5. Skill Shortage List checker

6. Essential Skills Work Visa

7. Long Terms Skills shortage visa (aka Work to Residency visa)

8. Skilled Migrant Visa

9. Points Indicator for Skilled Migrant Visa



10. Partner of a New Zealander or Resident Visa

11. Partner of a Worker Work Visa


Gaining Registration in order to get any type of Work Visa

12. Occupational Registration checker


English requirements

13. English language skills

Validating your overseas degree

(this is a link from the NZQA's website)

14. NZQA, Recognition of your overseas degree


Other Visas

15. Working Holiday

16. Visitor Visa


Other links

17. Application forms and guides

18. Glossary

19. Application form for Transfer or Confirmation of a Visa - INZ1023

20. Full List of Skilled Occupations 2017


Thank you for staying tuned! All the information in this blog post is of public domain. I am not an Immigration Advisor, I'm only a person willing to kick your bum until you make it to New Zealand :)

So folks, leave me your comment below! Are there any other links I should add to this post?

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