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Independent Travel Talk with Angie D'Errico - PT II - Becoming a long-term traveller

We’re back with PT II of this Independent Travel Talk interview I did a few months ago with Angie D’Errico, creator of Angie shares her travel stories and ideas on becoming a nomad, aka long-term traveller, writing and connecting with others!

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Changing lives in Ghana: meet Osman Yakubu, the education warrior

 "Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world" may be Nelson Mandela's quote, but to my friend Osman, it's the core value that leads his life. He has made of changing lives in Ghana not a dream, but a reality. The Youth Action on Development is the early education school that reaches out to those in need but beyond that, is a commitment to relentlessly creating a better world.

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What to do in the Ashburton Lakes? A Weekend at the Hakatere Conservation Park

Hakatere Conservation Park is only two hours away from Christchurch, in New Zealand’s South Island. Here, you can enjoy the stunning Ashburton Lakes, camp, and also visit Mount Sunday, one of the most important locations in The Lord of the Rings: Edoras.

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