5 Different Types of Travels! For How Long Are You Travelling For?

When you think of going travelling, for how long you reckon you'd do it? Towards what should you gear your travel planning efforts? In this episode of the Travel Expat School, I share 5 types of travels according to the period of time they take!

In this video you'll find:

Min 0 - Presentation. Times are changing!

Min 1.40 - The Weekend Warrior

Min 2.40 - The Annual Holiday-er

Min 3.40 - The Part-Time Traveller

Min 4.30 - The Full-Time Traveller - Going Nomad!!!

Min 5.15 - The Expat

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Hey u! I'm Martina, from Argentina. I've been combining travel and life overseas since 2013 in a quest for living alongside with creativity, joy and personal growth.