Thoughts on Becoming a Traveler and an Expat - A Bit of My Story

Sit tight folks, this is getting juicy! Check out my latest video in which I share a bit of my story and how I got into travelling and living the expat-life!

Hello friend! In this first episode of the Travel Expat School, I tell you my travel story and how I became an expat! In this video, you'll find:

Min 1 - Travelling as a kid!

I also share the story that taught me it's not necessary to have a lot of money to go travel!

Min 2 - Cheap-as-chips camping experiences during my years with the Scouts :)

Min 3 - First "big" trip and my first Solo Travel experience--short and bizarre!

Min 4 - Visiting Peru and feeling life wasn't supposed to be like that :/

Min 5 - Existential crisis time! How can I go travel???

I need to figure this s**t out!

Min 6 - We are going travelling (and not coming back, ever).

Min 8 - Big break-up, new life and becoming officially an expat.

Min 10 - Becoming an Expat.

Getting residency in New Zealand, getting my Italian citizenship, road-tripping and backpacking Europe.

Min 12 - "Burning the bridges".

Quitting my job, becoming a freelancer and focusing on my project! And, we're going travelling again in 6 weeks!

Min 13 - My life vision and why I'm doing this!

Leave me a comment with your story, questions or travel plans!