Going on Your First Solo Trip - PT I - Independent Travel Talk with Angie D'Errico

For most of us, there’s a process to becoming an independent world traveller. Diving into a lifestyle that challenges every single assumption in our lives can seem way too far from the comfort zone.

This is precisely why I wanted to talk to Angie D’Errico, a fellow Argentinian travel blogger. To tackle the ins and outs of solo travel, living with uncertainty and creativity in a fun way.

Solo travel

Angie has been travelling solo for the past 6 years, her adventures have taken her all the way from the Mongolian flatlands, to South Korea, Macedonia, Chile, Australia, New Zealand... just to name a few.

She travels slow, with barely any planning and has a magnet for bizarre anecdotes. A nomad at heart and an incredible storyteller, Angie makes me laugh my ass off with her bizarre, funny and even dodgy anecdotes –like the one in Mongolia. Her blog: “Titin Round The World”, inspires men and women to set free and explore the world.

Going on your first backpacking trip

Maybe the idea of “leaving everything behind and go travelling” has been on your mind for a long time. However, know that if you decide to go for it and let travel shape you, you’ll never be the same. Or...you’ll end up being all you really, truly are.

Who knows?

In any case, for most of us, going on the first backpacking trip or simply taking a few extra days off from work can already entail a shift of paradigm.

Is kind of that eureka moment of saying “fuck, this is MY life; I actually get to decide –some– stuff”.

As social beings, we are raised to walk into boxes that will give us shelter and keep us safe but at the same time, can harm our creativity and narrow our life experience down to the few things we think we know. It’s easier to be connected with the outside world than it is to tune in inwards, how stupid is that?!

“The only thing I wanted was to travel”

That's the thought that triggered my first big travel experience. And it was the same for Angie.

Maybe you live an amazing life full of blessings. But deep down, you still feel there’s something missing.

Maybe you work in corporate and have that one friend that’s a serial backpacker, do you ever feel the temptation to go down that road?

What happens every time you tell your career-oriented friends that you’d love to go travel more than two weeks a year?

They may tell you it's not a good idea, that you are a bit of a loser because you'll miss the train to having a stellar career. Or maybe you are not ambitious or realistic enough.


I’m bringing this up because I had people saying so many things to me over the years:

  • I’d love to travel but I have important things to do.

  • Why do you go abroad when this is such a beautiful country?

  • Are you a hippy?

  • Why are you not married and have kids?

  • Going back to the real world must feel weird.

  • Well, you have to stop at some point.


We got your back! Get ready for your first international trip

So, if you are just wrapping your head around the idea of taking a sabbatical or becoming a digital nomad, then my friends, you will absolutely love this.

This is a three-parts interview packed with stories, honest advice and classic South-American sass. No bullshit.

Be prepared because we cover some ground! These are just some of the topics we talk about:

  • Going to “off the beaten path” destinations and how to stay safe if you are a female solo traveller –Something Angie learned the hard way.

  • How much planning does a trip need?

  • How to get into travel when you are a young adult that has never travelled before?

  • You don’t need to be a millionaire to afford travel.

  • ·Embracing uncertainty and experiencing life choices with freedom and creativity.

  • Different types of travel and why we need to stop putting labels.

  • Connecting with creativity.

Honestly, this woman walks the talk.

If you enjoyed this interview, share it and keep the conversation going.

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