Becoming a Long-Term Traveller - PT II - Independent Travel Talk with Angie D'Errico

Angie D’Errico, a badass Argentinian female solo traveller, has been exploring the world for the last 6 years. A life of wonder full of culture, creativity, hard work and bizarre stories. Angie shares this and more with us in PT II of this Independent Travel Talk.

If you missed last week’s post and interview, start here! I’m sharing the new video and some ideas about life and travel.

Going on that first international trip —and not coming back!

By the end of PT I, Angie was telling us how she hated her career but still got her degree and later on started travelling on her own. We also talk about how mindblowing it was to become a Working Holiday-maker.

I can’t help to feel so identified with the experience of moving overseas and just kind of surrendering to it. It feels like connecting to a life that just feels right, even when we are exposed to so many new jobs and challenges.

Angie tells us how when she landed in Auckland, New Zealand, she realized that THIS was the life she had been longing for!

Is money what’s REALLY stopping you from travelling?

During the interview, we touch on this topic as many times we are convinced that the lack of money is what prevents us from travelling. However, once we dig deeper we realize is not necessarily—just—that.

But, to me, the problem is that society conditions us to fit a norm. What we learn, is to be disconnected from who we truly are. It can be so hard for us sometimes to really see our inner truth.

Not trying to get mystical here! I know as a fact that saving money for travelling can take years. I spent all my life savings to go on my first big trip. But, later on, I realized that if I’d wanted, I could’ve started travelling before.

So, what was stopping me? I was saving for a mortgage, I was scared of leaving a career that was just taking off. Even felt fearfull of the future, of going on an adventure and let go of control. I was even scared of realizing my partner at the time wasn’t the right fit for me. I guess, I just had this fixed idea of how life was supposed to be, and money was the perfect excuse to avoid taking the challenge a step further.

Feeding dolphins doing the Working Holiday in Australia - You don’t need to be wealthy to afford travelling! | How to travel alone for the first time?

Feeding dolphins doing the Working Holiday in Australia - You don’t need to be wealthy to afford travelling! | How to travel alone for the first time?

How blogging and social media are changing the experience of travel —and why knowing that everyone shits gives me comfort.

There are many ways to travel! Even though looking at perfect travel pics can seem daunting when you are in a job trying to make ends meet and feeling uninspired, it’s important to understand that social media portrays a curated vision of life.

This is how I like to exemplify how I feel about it:

Everyone goes to the toilet. When I see an image of Angelina Jolie in her yacht in her private island I think: “I’m sure she farts often, and also shits”.

Why do I do this?

Because, I also need to understand that the ideal perfect picture is just one dimension among many, many others. Some are awesome, some are disgusting. Because we are all humans —dah!

In the interview, we debate about travel bloggers that have made a brand of themselves portraying a style that seems effortlessly perfect. But then, when you dig deeper you realize how hard they work, and how exhausted they feel. And I’m sure they shit too!!! jajajaja

We need —MUST— de-romanticise the idea of the grass being greener on the other side of the fence. We are all trying to figure this game in the end! Some do it more stylishly than others, and that’s all good.

On becoming a nomad, a blogger and connecting with creativity

If you are looking for your inner creative genius, then you will love this part of the interview. Freeing yourself from perfectionism and connecting with creativity in any shape or form. Understanding it’s a muscle we all should be exercising, regardless of where we are and what we do.

Angie and I share many tips for nurturing creativity and bringing it more and more into our everyday lives.

Angie also tells us how she created her blog. How she feels about it and her secret for always being 100 % authentic.

Again, if you are thinking about doing your first international trip, or becoming a digital nomad stay tuned! Next week, I’ll share PT III of this Independent Travel Talk!

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