Thoughts on Travel Blogging, Perfectionism And creativity! - Independent Travel Talk with Angie D'Errico

During our three-part interview, Angie shared with us how she started travelling, became a long-term traveller and a travel blogger. In this last bit of our talk, we delve into the ins and outs of travel as a tool for creativity, building an audience—without even realising it—and staying true to oneself.

First, we talked about going on that first solo trip, how to handle travel planning and figuring out what it is we want from our lives. In the second part of the interview we talked about becoming a working holiday-maker, a long term traveller and a digital nomad . Actually, Angie has a very interesting perspective on this!

The interivew by the minute:

Minute 1-2 - How blogging created collaboration opportunities.

Minute 2 - Writing for friends and growing an audience without realising it!

Minute 5 - Leaving perfectionism behind and embracing creativity.

Minute 7 - Would you do anything differently?

Minute 11 - What did you learn from all these years of travelling?

Minute 13 - Writing to remember every simple moment

Minute 19 - What’s next? Heading to Auss!

Minute 23 - What advice would you give to someone that wants to travel long-term?

What did you think about the interview? I don’t know about you, but I think Angie is just so awesome! You can leave us your comment below :)

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