Anana's life, a day in the life of a croatian pineapple

Say Hvar! Adriatic vibes are my go-to vibes. Croatia may be THE hot touristy spot, but for the relaxed traveller, a full week in this island is the answer to all the questions in life.

Tomorrow  we are leaving Hvar, which is insanely stunning despite the "party island" reputation. Honestly, we are having the best time of our lives. Instead of just visiting for a day or two we decided this would be our spot for a whole week.

Funny thing is that even though it’s been tough to make the time for writing and editing our footage, I actually feel I’ve been working on the blog more than ever, but just doing “field investigation” —yes, swimming in crytal-clear waters, eating seafood while the sun is setting and exploring naturist beaches can be quite exhausting.

So, to show what a hard worker I am, please look at this very insightful video about a day in the good life of a Pineapple, in spanish: an Anana.


We shot this in Mlini beach, a wonderful spot in Marinkovac island, right in front of Hvar, Croatia. We explored Hvar for a full week, must say it invites to find your own piece of paradise and your very own Pineapply (?) friend.

Visit Hvar island
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