My travelling family- 3 generations of adventurers

This is not my travel bio. Not a list either, and it's not about places, it's about my travelling family.

It's about childhood and finding the origin of the travel bug that possessed a kid that, as most kids, had an intrepid and curious spirit.

To write this article, or should I say to start this blog, I had to do some time travelling and go on a scavenger hunt throughout my own life and vivid memories.


So I required expert advice to walk me through this: no one better than 8 years old Martina. We met at my grandad's house not long ago and set the foundational stone of TGC.

Mimimartu – me, at 8– was a published author. The delights of the local newspaper, providing poetry and short stories on weekly basis. She knew that life will make of her an archeologist, set out to see the world while excavating egyptian pyramids and riding camels.

Even though things didn't literally ended up being that way, the same spirit remained. I have to admit that I was very close to losing it when I became an adult. That would have been very sad.

It's not like this 'travel bug thing' came out of nowhere. We come from the same family: made of immigrants, travellers and adventurers.

So I'm not special at all in my family.

Tito and Calu


When Minimartu and I finally met – after years of disconnection!– at my grandad's house, Tito and Calu's travel photo album was open. So was the small note pad where granny used to write all her sensations and feelings while travelling. Back then, 40 years ago, for people in Argentina, travelling to Europe or Morocco was something only high born people could afford.

But Calu and Tito were too smart to believe that not being rich could limit them. They saved money to do it anyway and went to Europe and Morocco for 45 magical days that would change MY life –talk about time travelling right?–.

Because experience is not made of limiting excuses, it's made of a good connection between ideas and  actions.

They were curious and loved history, culture and art. And so do I. So the photo of Tito on a camel and the jewellery Calu brought from an exotic unknown land triggered the imagination of this little child.

Meet the parents

I have to say that another interesting characters are my parents. My friends call dad Indiana Jones, and my mum is particularly tall –not related to this topic, but I had to say it!.

They moved from their town, Rosario, to crazy Buenos Aires 35 years ago. At that time, with no telephones, internet and social media, money for bus tickets and working 12 hours a day, living 300 kms away from home was just like living across the ocean.


By the time I was 8, I had already been camping, fishing, crossed the Andes and travelled 24hs by bus to remote destinations.

Where we wealthy? Hell noooooo!!! I'd say we were the opposite. Saving coins in a bottle all year. We loved our adventures, and for mum and dad going to the same spot every summer was just like dying slowly. No. They are real adventure seekers —way more than me!—.And I respect that.

From Italy with love

This could go on and on. If we go way back it all started with both sides of the family coming from Italy in a pursue of having a better life, running away from hunger and poverty at the beginning of the 20th century.

Now it's me. No, it's us. Minimartu and I.  We became expats for different reasons, but with the same hard working spirit.

Right now, that I've been in this  life path for 4 years, I'm just the one carrying the torch, no excuses And I know Minimartu feels proud of me. It makes me happy that I was brave enough to pursue our project of making a good life for us. A life we love living. And that is what I've come to share.

What makes YOU fell proud about yourself?

Leave me your comments! I'd love to know!!!

Arrivederci from Italy! xx

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Hey u! I'm Martina, from Argentina. I've been combining travel and life overseas since 2013 in a quest for living alongside with creativity, joy and personal growth.

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