No excuses, Day One. No time for fear.

When a few months ago I started thinking about all the things it took me so long to do for the first time, I was shocked. I could see it clearly: I had been living a life full of excuses. And I asked myself: why do we live in fear? Maybe because I grew up too scared of the bullies at school. Or because I wan't good at sports. Or I was terrified of being Was I too scared of being ashamed?

Personal Growth - Mindset

This is it. No excuses.

I could've blamed money, time, career. But if I was being honest with myself, truth wasn't hiding in external matters. It was well protected and totally cozy under layers and layers of fear —and even lazyness.

 It took me so long to realize fear is an overthinker and an overprotective buddy. Fear sees no options or choices. It's rigid. It has to.

But why would I want to be just like my own fear? When so many aspects of life are there asking for a chance to show off some pretty cool things they've learnt.


What do I want my life to be like?

So to redeem my own paralizing perfectionism, I asked some good friends to tell me if they also have a bunch of excuses always at hand to explain why they don't do the things they really really REALLY wish to do.

They do. What a relief.

So now I can do what I came to do. Push my own boundaries. And this is how I decided that a massively huge active Volcano was the perfect spot for this video I'm sharing with you today.

Two of the best days of my life, raw encounters with nature and with all that lies underneath the surface...

Be my guest... No excuses.

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Hey u! I'm Martina, from Argentina. I've been combining travel and life overseas since 2013 in a quest for living alongside with creativity, joy and personal growth.

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