Ep 5 - 6 Top Travel Bloggers and Podcasters That Will Inspire You to Hit The Road!

Today I'm sharing with you some of my fave travel bloggers and podcasters! Watch the video and find out why I've been learning from them for the last years. They all have different styles and offer high quality and engaging travel-related content!

They are not the only ones I follow, but I really wanted to give you a very concise list of folks that will definitely guide and inspire you as you plan your first big trip overseas!

Are you ready to start a new chapter in your travelife? Watch this!

Here's the video by the minute with the links! I've also added more blogs at the end!

Min 0: Who should watch this video!

Min 1: Jason Moore from Zero To Travel

Min 2.15: Nicky Vargas from The Pin The Map Project and Unearth Women

Min 3.30: Amanda Kendle from Not A Ballerina

Min 4.55: Jackie Nurse from Traveling Jackie and The Budget Minded Traveler

Min 5:45: Matt Kepnes from Nomadic Matt

Min 7.10: Juan Villarino from Juan Villarino and Acrobata del Camino

As promised, here are some of the other blogs I love and follow:

* Derek from Wandering Earl. Such a cool guy! A staple and well-grounded travel blog that shies away from the Insta-famous times we live in. Derek's been travelling non-stop since 1999! Wow!

* Matthew from The Expert Vagabond. He's the adventurous type and though many things he does I reckon I wouldn't have the guts to do, he has some truly insightful and inspiring articles. This is my favourite article!

* Deb and Dave from ThePlanetD. They are super fun and adventurous but my favourite thing is that they cater to many different styles of travellers!

* Kate McCulley from Adventurous Kate. Oh boy, if there's a lady out there with true grit, that's Kate! I came across her blog not that long ago actually, but I already love her stories and adventures! This is her bio, worth to read in full as she shares some quite deep insights.

Okay folks, that's all for today! Do you have a travel blog? Type your URL in the comments and share the article. Let's spread the love!

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