Ep 6 – Expat Talk with Kotte from YBK | Becoming an Entrepreneur as an Expat

In this talk, we dive deep into what it takes to become a change-maker, having your own back and using being an Expat as an asset for starting your own bussiness and passion project!

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Kotte came to Christchurch, NZ, 10 years ago from Chile. When she created ‘Yoga By Kotte’ she had no clue that she’d be soon disrupting the industry, winning awards and giving Ted Talks. Her Yoga classes and events are filled with fun, creativity, inspiration and even furry friends!

These are some of the topics we touch on, so press play and grab a cuppa as this gets really interesting!

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When I first moved to New Zealand, I thought only the classic “backpacking jobs” where an option for me. Though I can’t explain how much I learnt from these jobs, time showed me that it was within my possibilities to work on something I’m passionate about and grow from there!

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Hey u! I’m Martina, from Argentina. I’ve been combining travel and life overseas since 2013 in a quest for living alongside with creativity, joy and personal growth.

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