Ep 5 – Best Travel Bloggers and Podcasters

Today I’m sharing with you some of the best travel bloggers and podcasters out there! Watch the video and find out why I’ve been learning from them for years now! They all have different styles and offer high quality and engaging travel-related content.

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They are not the only ones I follow, but I really wanted to give you a very concise list of folks that will definitely guide and inspire you as you plan your first big trip overseas!

Are you ready to start a new chapter in your travelife? Watch this!

Video Transcript of the Best Travel Bloggers Episode

‘What I’m going to share are my six favorite travel bloggers and podcasters of all time.

Hello, my friends! Welcome to episode number five of The Global Curious Travel Expat School. Today I have something that would be great for you if you’re planning your first trip abroad, or if you would like to get a better understanding of how the digital nomad life works. Or would like to become location independent and just be able to travel and work.

They are not the only ones I follow, but I’ve been consistently checking on their content, and using their insights for planning my trips, and for learning how to become a digital nomad myself.

This is not a ranking which means that it’s not that one is better than the other one or anything like it. 

1. Jason from the ‘Zero to Travel’ podcast

Jason is an absolute star, and as the name says, he’s all about going from ‘zero to travel.’ So if you haven’t hit the road, and you’re just planning to go, then Jason’s your man! 

He’s very insightful -such a sweetheart- and I’ve just been listening to all his episodes. Many of the other bloggers and I’m going to include in this list are people that I got to know through his podcast. Yeah, Jason’s always sharing a lot of content from a very down-to-earth and kind perspective, and I really do appreciate that. 

2. Nicky Vargas from the Pin the Map Project Blog

Nicky is the author and creator of the Pin the Map Project and she just started her magazine -Unearth Women. 

And what I really like about her is that she has a very pragmatic and easy to understand approach to either traveling, becoming a nomad -or a travel writer. Her blog it’s full of resources and I really respect her entrepreneurial skills and how she gets on with things. 

One thing that stuck with me was when Jason from ‘Zero to Travel’ podcast interviewed Nicky, he was asking about how you go about when you want to put yourself out there and start networking if you have an online project but you still have not enough followers. So she just said…

Okay, so just make sure that your blog looks professional and beautiful, and take it from there. I really appreciate her very realistic and wise advice.

3. Amanda from ‘Not a Ballerina Travel Blog’ and ‘The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

So what I love about Amanda is that she’s a single parent of a boy of nine, and though she’s not a digital nomad per se, she’s pretty much traveling all the time. She’s so down to Earth, and you can tell she’s such a kind soul. Plus, she was living in Japan and I’m going to Japan very soon, so I love to hear all the stories she has to tell.

What made me so obsessed with her is the focus of her podcast. She chooses one topic per episode. Let’s say, ‘Expat life,’ then she is sharing interviews from five different people just explaining their experiences on how they got to become expats and so on.

So, Amanda, she is such a star and I also really enjoy that she says she’s a thinker, and you can tell she is. So yeah, if you’re looking for an approach that will inspire you, teach you, and just fulfill your soul, then Amanda should be your go-to.

4. Jackie Nurse from ‘The Budget Minded Traveler’ 

Jackie Nurse from ‘The Budget Minded Traveler’ and ‘Travelling Jackie’ and ‘The Budget-Minded Traveler’ podcast, which now it’s called ‘Jump.’

So I’ve been listening to her podcast for two years now. I would just play it on my way to work, and then just listen to her sweet, sweet voice all day long.

She’s great at interviewing, and she’s amazing at opening up and sharing her life stories, and her insights. She’s more of an adventure traveler, and that’s so, so cool. Don’t take my word for it. Her podcast has been downloaded over a million times.

5. Matt from Nomadic Matt

Matt has been traveling for over 10 years. What stuck with me is all his content is so fresh and it’s always updated. It’s so easy to read and at the same time, it’s super engaging. 

So, he’s kinda like my go-to guy for planning a trip. As you can see, there are many people that I would suggest that share more general experience or how to get on the road, or how to work on your mindset, how to find resources.

Nomadic Matt is my go-to for pretty much everything like ‘okay, how do I do this?’ ‘How much does a trip to Japan cost.’ ‘How much does a trip to New Zealand cost?’

But beyond that, I really love the way he shares his personal experiences -eg his anxiety of flying. I’m sure you know him very well, and anyway, he is who he is and there’s a reason for it. He absolutely deserves to be the best travel blogger out there because you can tell how much work and heart and passion he puts into his project.

6. Juan Villarino from Acróbata del Camino

Number six is an Argentinian blogger. I’m including him on this list because some of his content is actually in English and he has been interviewed for The New York Times -a journalist was traveling with him and Laura, his badass traveler girlfriend, for a week and wrote a chronic of their travels in Africa. So, I’ve been following Juan for nearly three years.  

His guides are just so packed with so many useful details. And hear me out when I say this, he is the real-deal for budget travel. As his blog is in Spanish, you will have to open it on Google Chrome, which offers translation. You can also buy his books, which are available in English.

Yes, you just need to read this guy, if you’re planning to just travel a bit off-the-beaten-path, or you want to know how to get to remote places. He is your go-to guy. I absolutely love his content. You just need to get into his blog and get his books because that’s how they afford their travels.

Okay, my friends. So what are your favorite travel bloggers podcasters and Youtubers? Tell me, subscribe to the blog, leave me your questions, send me an email. See you next week for more… Have a great weekend.


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