If you want to become an Independent Traveller or Future Expat. If people keep saying you should settle. Or you hear every day the same broken record… “Oh well, it is what it is…just accept reality, no one gets everything”


Yak! A thousand, hundred, million, yaks!


Sharing is caring yo! Let’s keep this short & sweet…

I’m all for challenging our limiting beliefs. I’m all in if you tell me you are willing to be strategic to achieve your travel dreams. This is not about leaving everything, quiting your job and running to the closest airport.


This is about making real, honest choices that will lead to your own journey of self discovery. For many of us, becoming an Independent Traveller is the way to go about this. But behind all of it, there are two things that lead the journey… Curiosity & Creativity.


What’s the School about?

After years of travelling, living abroad, applying for working holiday visas, getting residency in New Zealand, and even doing my Italian Citizenship; I realized I have many useful insights others could use and share as well. It was selfish not putting all of this out there in the world!

Because I’m also learning, I realized the perfect frame for this project is to create a Travel Expat School. There’s a reason why this is The Global Curious and not the… “Maybe I will do this but it’s too scary blog”. Ja!

In this section I’ll share video tutorials, written posts and interviews covering different topics that I have found incredibly useful to achieve my goals. From doing an english test and buying flights to mindset for future travellers,  creativity, choosing destinations…


 Travel is not just about travel

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