Travel is, to me, the most powerful source of experiences, change and ever-lasting memories.

During the 32 years I’ve been a guest in this planet, I’ve visited Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, the United States, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Sweeden, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Turkey, China, New Zealand and Australia. In some countries, I stayed longer, in others, way too little. During these years I made many “mistakes”—travelling too fast, planning waaay too much, not researching about visas…just to name a few. But I also can say I’ve managed to have an intense existence, which kind of sums it all for me.

In this section of TGC, you’ll find resources and articles sorted by country. I still have a long way to go but all this content is made with love and dedication. I travel independently, in groups, on my own, with my partner, on a tight budget, on a loose budget, on a tent, for a weekend or for months at the time.

I hope you enjoy these reads and find them useful for your travels!