Mindset Essentials for first time travelers

Planning your first big trip can be an adventure in itself for first time travelers. Sometimes you may need a lil bit of growth mindset though to get you going. Stepping into the Travel-Zone is a journey that starts with an idea,  a dream and a dose of creativity.

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Here are the basics, watch the video for the full intel!

1- Turn off external voices

You are the main person you need to listen to. Be aware of the influence people have in your life. Set your budget and stick to it. Use the internet to determine if your destination matches your budget. In our guide talking about if Bali is expensive, you can see that it really is up to you to determine how much you want to spend.

 2- Enter a space of possibility aka Growth Mindset

Some of us may be wired to think of the worst outcome. Well, it is possible to re-wire and change our perspective over things. It may be challenging but it’s worth it.

 3 – Avoid information burn-out

We tend to get obsessed with budgeting, how to get flights and deals, visas and blah blah. And that’s all good, but there’s a difference between being obsessed before travelling on your own for the first time, and running in circles and actually doing a concrete action to become a smart, wise, informed traveller.

And this leads me to my favorite travelling mindset tip:

 4- Trust that you will go on that trip

It may take time, effort and you may face a lot of challenges, but allow yourself to trust. I usually think we need to find all the answers to our questions because deep down we fear our dreams are so fragile that any little thing could harm them.

So my friends, enjoy the video, leave me your comment, subscribe & tell me your story!

Stay Curious 😉

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  1. My favorite quote from your video – “Traveling is the school of life”. So good! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I enjoyed reading your post mainly because it deals with traveling which I’ve done a fair bit of myself from a very early age and still doing. I love it and in the process of writing about some of my trips. I also looked at some of the other u-tube videos you posted. Keep doing what you’re doing.

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