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Useful, thought-provoking and deep with a dash of humour: that's my recipe for creating content & reaching audiences. As a Spanish native speaker from Argentina that's been living abroad and travelling for many years, my perspectives come from a cultural background that's not often seen in English speaking media. 


  • Written & Visual Content creation - Travel, culture, life overseas, becoming an entrepreneur

In-depth guides, inspirational pieces and crafted travel stories; my focus is in creating content with a purpose. I write in English and Spanish about travelling, living abroad, culture, language and food. I have a voice and an angle that gives personality to my content and at the same time remains flexible to reach either a niche or a wider spectrum of audiences.

I create content for printed and online media. Read my favorite features!


  • Motivational Speaker

Advocating for a life of travel, creation, culture & experiences is my way of sharing. Motivational speakers have taught me the ins and outs of so many aspects of life that I don't know where I would be if it wasn't thanks to all these mentors that guided me.


  • Affiliate posts and sponsorship

If you are a brand with heart & soul I want to hear from you. I comply with my own "No BS policy", so for me, quality over quantity and I would only recommend what I understand can really serve my readers, because they are the reason I have a Travel Blog!


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