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Hi! Great to meet you here. Though TGC is a recently established blog, I’m proud of seeing it grow organically and with integrity!

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  • Written and Visual Content creation - Travel, Culture, Life Overseas

My content creation ventures focus on in-depth guides, inspirational pieces, and crafted travel stories. My purpose is to inform with ingenuity and honesty, and to spur that extra something that gets us going through my narrative!

I write in English and Spanish about traveling, hiking, living abroad and culture. I’m also interested in food and wellness.

I create content for printed and online media. Read my favorite features!


  • Affiliate Links, Brand Partnerships, Sponsored Content, and Advertising

If you are a brand with a heart and soul I want to hear from you. For me, the key to a great balance is quality over quantity! I will only recommend and partner with brands I understand can really serve my readers. If this sounds like you, touch base and let’s discuss this further.

  • Accepting Guest Posts

Do you have an interesting story to share? Insightful intel from an off-the-beaten-track destination? Are you an expat that overcame the hurdles of moving overseas? Then, I want to hear from you!

  • SEO Optimization and Content Creation

 As a travel blogger, YouTuber and content creator, I get to wear many hats. This means that alongside creating and designing this website -which was previously a WordPress site-, I’ve come to learn through experience about SEO Optimisation and related topics.

If you are looking to collaborate with an SEO-savvy content creator or need a refreshing content update, then get in touch through the form below!

Alternatively, send me an email: martina@theglobalcurious.com

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