5 years ago I packed my backpack and what was going to be a 2 months trip became a new lifestyle.

Before leaving on this big trip, an idea popped into my mind. If I wanted to stay in Europe, I just had to do one thing:

Miss the return flight. Do not go to the airport. Just stay.


At that time, I didn’t have A single clue of HOW this was going to happen. But once the desition was made, everything came into place. And then, I called my parents to give the good news… can you imagine their faces when I happily called them on Skype and said… hey, guess what? I’m not going back, I’m heading to Denmark!

Honestly, I spent months in panic. Suddenly life was a surreal journey. I didn’t have a job, visa, money; everything seemed just impossible. Finding a room, blending with society, getting the paperwork sorted. I remember the first moments at the airport, wondering what was going to happen next.

I would wake up in the morning, wondering what had crossed my mind, especially when employers didn’t even accept my CV as I didn’t speak Danish!  But, all these things changed me, shaped me and made me stronger.


After Denmark, New Zealand

And again, plans changed. The country that was going to be home for a year became my corner in the world. Of course, many things happened in between but above all things, I found the power of knowing that I was willing to do whatever was necessary to create a life I love. The Global Curious is a fundamental part of my journey.


Who am I?

Martu, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I studied cinema, makeup artistry and then I became a traveller-expat. I’ve changed paths many times in my life until I found my own journey: the inner one, the one that expands, shapes and makes life challenging and fun.


At the Great Wall of China
At the Great Wall of China