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Welcome to The Global Curious!

5 years ago I packed my suitcase and what was going to be a 2 months trip became the adventure of my life when I didn’t take the flight home. Instead, with a flight booked to Copenhagen, little money and no idea of what I was getting myself into; a whole new life started. The Travel Expat life. And of course, this travel blog.


¡Hola! We love Travel, that goes without saying! But beyond that, we KNOW with our minds, hearts and souls that travelling and experience life abroad are great ways of making this world a more friendly, aware, diverse and creative place.


The mission of this travel blog is to share years of experiences and resources that will inspire first-time travellers and expats to take action beyond words! To empower you to live an amplified life. Get off pilot control. Own your time on this planet. Go on your first trip and all the other ones to come. Commit to a life full of meaningful experiences.


In here, you’ll find the Travel Expat School, video tutorials, travel experiences and destinations. Always from an insightful, useful, creative and honest perspective.


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