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The Global Curious is here to give you that extra motivation you need to jump off the couch, turn off your Netflix and get on to making the most of your life!

Are you a First Time Traveller? Or a Future Expat?

My mission is crystal clear: to share resources we all need to get off pilot control and own our time in this amazing planet. If you are like me, you love learning, travelling, and maybe you are even thinking of moving overseas…

But hey!

Is it scary? Intimidating? Challenging? Of course it is! That’s why learning is crucial, and so many fears are just anticipation stress right?… so welcome, you’ve come to the right blog!

Here you will find the Travel Expat School, video tutorials, travel experiences and destinations. Always from an insightful, useful, creative and honest perspective.

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¿Nos vamos? - U coming?






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