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It takes time to get the wheels going, but once you are ready to hit the road big time, nothing can stop you.

I created TGC to share resources, stories and visuals that will leave you no choice but to finally breath deeply and juuuump into a life of adventure!

First time travel and life abroad



7 years ago I was crying at night feeling how time was slipping through my fingers and I wasn’t doing anything about it.

All I ever wanted was to travel and I was doing everything BUT THAT!

Long story short, 2 years later I went on a 2 months trip from my home country Argentina, to Europe. I spent ALL my life savings and decided on the fly not to come back home. After this huge life shift, everything changed. The challenges, the people, the mindset, the countries, the visas, oh my!

Do I regret it? Heck no!

Was it challenging? Yeah, it still is. But nothing compares to it!

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