Outdoor food market scene at One Nimman Chiang Mai featuring overhead fairy lights and white food tents selling local food. There are crates in the foreground for use as tables and chairs.

One Nimman Chiang Mai

One Nimman, in northern Thailand’s largest city, Chiang Mai, is an oasis bursting with food, culture, shopping, and services – the perfect way to spend a day (or an evening!) in Chiang Mai.

Outdoor food market scene at One Nimman Chiang Mai featuring overhead fairy lights and white food tents selling local food. There are crates in the foreground for use as tables and chairs.
The village hub of One Nimman – the marketplace – where you can find an array of food choices while enjoying awesome local acts.

One Nimman is a new, purpose-built cultural hub and art space, partially open-air shopping complex, and wonderland of food – all rolled into one. It stands out because of its unique blend of Northern Thai Lanna architecture with modern design elements, making it a feast for the eyes. Based on a traditional village design with a central marketplace and clocktower, the rustic brickwork, intricate wooden carvings, and lush green spaces are a tribute to Chiang Mai’s rich cultural heritage. All while the trendy boutiques and contemporary art installations reflect the city’s innovative spirit. I love the vibe!

From street performers and traditional Thai street food to high end retailers and cute and quirky bars, One Nimmen combines the best of everything Chiang Mai has to offer in a cool, half-covered/ half-open setting. You can get a fabulous meal to suit any budget and taste preference – whether that be perched on crates in the open-air amphitheater listening to street performers and eating your fill of tasty Thai street food, or tucked up in an award-winning restaurant with some of the best service Chiang Mai  has to offer. Alternatively, cosy up in a cafe or bar with your bestie or a book – anything goes!

A Shopaholic’s Dream Come True

Much to my husband’s chagrin, I’m a shopaholic so right away, One Nimman is my paradise! It’s a vibrant tapestry of shops, right in the heart of trendy Nimmanhaemin, that cater to all tastes. You’ll find everything from cool fashion boutiques and artisanal handicraft stores to high-end art galleries, quirky novelty shops, and even a barber.

What I love about shopping here is the cool treasure-hunt vibe. Every store is unique, and every item tells a story. I’ve spent countless afternoons meandering through the labyrinthine alleys, finding one-of-a-kind clothing pieces, exquisite handmade jewelry, delicious Thai tea, bespoke millinery creations, and some of the best massages and mani/ pedis in the area.

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 3-10pm the White Markets around the edge of the complex spring to life, selling beautifully crafted souvenirs of all varieties. If you haven’t already bought some treats for friends and family back home, this is the place to stock up on quality, affordable pieces.

While we are talking about shopping, make sure you check out the Chiang Mai night market, it is not to be missed!

A Foodie’s Wonderland

And then there’s the food. OMG – the food!! One Nimman is a gastronomic wonderland and the variety of options is dizzying! There are a whole bunch of street food stalls serving up tantalizing Thai favorites like pad Thai and pork ribs, as well as swanky restaurants dishing out gourmet cuisine. Take your pick – you’ll love everything!

The Food Hall is awesome, too. Here, you can embark on a culinary journey around the world without leaving Chiang Mai. Italian pasta, Japanese sushi, Indian curry, or good old American burgers – you name it, they’ve got it. But, of course, the stars of the show are the local Thai dishes. There’s nothing quite like relishing a bowl of Tom Yum soup or a plate of spicy Papaya Salad amidst the hustle and bustle.

And don’t even get me started on the desserts and drinks. The local cafes serve some of the best coffee in town, along with a myriad of heavenly pastries and desserts. My top recommendation is the mango sticky rice! For healthier options, there are also plenty of fresh fruit smoothies and vegan treats.

A Melting Pot of Culture and Arts

Beyond shopping and dining, One Nimman is a thriving cultural hub. It’s a place where the vibrant colors of Chiang Mai’s culture come alive.

There are always events happening here – live music performances, traditional Thai dance shows, art exhibitions, and craft workshops. Because the complex is so spacious, there can be different acts performing at the same time. Your biggest problem might be trying to divide your time between an uber-cool young local rock band and a more seasoned performer showcasing traditional tunes from around the world! I’ve also watched a mesmerizing Khon dance performance here – the intricate moves and stunning costumes were mind-blowing.

The complex is also home to several art galleries showcasing works from talented local artists. The range of art on display is impressive, from traditional Thai paintings to avant-garde installations. One visit to these galleries, and you’ll see why Chiang Mai is considered the cultural capital of Thailand.

Grey haired gentleman standing and playing guitar while singing inside One Nimman. His guitar case is open on the ground in front of him.
Extraordinarily talented singer busking in the Food Hall area early one evening.

An Evening Like No other at One Nimman

But it’s when the sun goes down that One Nimman truly comes to life. The night market here is an experience in itself. As dusk falls, the alleys light up with hundreds of lanterns casting a warm, inviting glow. The air fills with the aroma of sizzling street food and the murmur of happy conversations. You can find everything at the night market – from handmade crafts and vintage clothing to fresh fruits and street food. I usually end up wandering from stall to stall and discover something new and exciting each time. The atmosphere is electrifying yet laid-back, a perfect representation of the Thai “sabai sabai” (feeling good) lifestyle.

the cozy corners

Amidst all the hustle and bustle, One Nimman also offers cozy corners. Sit back and just soak in the ambience! There are plenty of open-air courtyards with comfortable seating where you can take a breather between your shopping sprees or food adventures.

I often find myself relaxing in one of these spaces, sipping on a refreshing Thai iced tea, watching the world go by. It’s these quiet moments that make One Nimman truly special for me.

A Community vibe

One of the most endearing aspects of One Nimman is the strong sense of community. Despite being a popular spot for tourists, it still retains an authentic, local charm. The shop owners are friendly, often ready for a chat about their wares. The artists who display their works are passionate, always willing to share their creative journey.

One Nimman Services

On top of the cultural and culinary delights, One Nimman offers a range of services that help to make it an easy destination for tourists. There’s tourist information, baggage storage, lockers, clean and free public toilets, ATMs, and a reliable currency exchange. Head to the window in the rustic brickwork wall on the north-west corner (corner of Nimmanhaeminda Road and the big intersection with Huay Kaew Road) for enquiries.

Tourist information window in rustic orange brick wall.
Tourist information window in north-west corner of One Nimman.

A Celebration of chiang Mai

ll in all, One Nimman is a celebration of all things Chiang Mai. It’s a place where the city’s rich cultural heritage, innovative spirit, and love for good food come together. Every visit feels like a new experience, every corner tells a different story.

I’ve been to Chiang Mai a bunch of times so I’ve had the privilege of watching One Nimman grow and evolve, and it continues to charm me whenever I return. It’s more than just a shopping complex – it’s a vibrant, living snapshot of Chiang Mai’s unique character.

So if you’re visiting Chiang Mai for the first time or the hundredth, make sure you allow half a day (or better still, an evening) for One Nimman. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Multi-storey orange brick clocktower inside the One Nimman complex featuring a large clock face on the top and a courtyard area at the base of the clocktower.
The clocktower inside One Nimman – with stunning views over Chiang Mai from the top, and the marketplace area at the base.

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