17 Best Gifts for Hikers – Cool Ideas for ALL Budgets!

If you are like me who hates to go through lists of 100 gift choices that even Santa would find to be confusing, don’t worry. I have compiled a short, sweet, and highly useful list of gift ideas for hikers that any outdoor junkie will love to own -that includes you as well friend!


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Top 3 Choices of the Best Gifts for Hikers

Best for health and safety on the trail: LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking, and Emergency Preparedness

Best top quality for day hikers and side trips sleeping pad for side sleepers: Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack 20l

Best for hikers who love a night drink by the fire: GSI Outdoors – Glacier Stainless 8 Fl. Oz. Hip Flask

Intro to the Top 17 Gifts for the Hiker’s Guide

As exciting the whole process of gifting can be, it is also overwhelming to go through an exhausting tour of window shopping or endless lists of gifts for hiking lovers online wondering what gift will click. Stop wandering and wondering! This easy-peasy guide will help you decide without making your head spin. 

This curated guide is the first of my 2-series guide to select the best gift for outdoor lovers. So, depending on what you are hunting for, you can pick your gifts from this guide, or Gifts for Campers!

I think it’s worth mentioning that you will find some gifts to overlap in these guides because I have chosen them to cater to each occasion. As an example, gear that hiking calls out for is much different from camping, but there are similarities as well. 

Let’s talk moolah. I’ve included 6 uber-affordable options for those who are hunting for the best gifts for hikers without leaving a dent in the pocket. You can even play a free road trip game for couples.  5 mid-budget choices for those looking for a good balance of price and value, and 5 premium-budget options for those who don’t mind digging their pockets a little more!


7 Tips for Buying Gifts for the Hiker in Your Life – Including You!

Before we dive into the guide, here are some useful tips to keep in mind whenever you buy presents for an outdoor lover. These will save you from loads of disappointments, troubles, and hassle from a poorly-purchased product!

1. Check for Return Policies 

It’s always a good idea to purchase hiking accessories gifts with a return and refund/replacement option just in case you have purchased the wrong size, or the gift doesn’t match your friend’s taste! A full refund policy is great and is offered in many hiking-related products on Amazon. 

2. Eco-friendly 

Whenever possible, try to get eco-friendly products to ensure you don’t leave non-biodegradable waste behind -especially considering the impact of single-use plastics. 

3. Keep it practical -and cool

How about a bear spray that would actually help survival, or a satellite communicator for safety? The whole point, exaggeration aside, is to gift something that will be absolutely valuable – something that will be used often or during emergencies!

However, there are occasions where practicality meets style. I’ve got expert hikers as friends and they know their gear. In that case, I may actually get them an ultralight packable backpack or daypack; a personalized mug for their Aeropress coffee, or even an engraved whistle.

4. Have an idea of the type of adventures the person loves

Appeal to the adventure sense of the hiker. Are we looking at an occasional hiker, day hiker, multiday backpacker, or an off-trail hiker? This can help you identify your friends’ priorities and select a gift. Whenever the case or occasion, always try to keep it ultralight! Your friend will thank you. 

5. Choose Kits

Personally, I love kits as they save me the trouble of preparing lists for mini items to take on hiking. Some gifts also make sense when they are paired with a few complementary goods. 

6. Set your budget and occasion

Sometimes, it’s easy to go wayward with the budget when you have a whole list of fascinating gift ideas for hikers before you! So, decide on the budget first as it also helps you narrow down the options. Next, consider the occasion –whether it’s a stocking birthday present or a Christmas stocking filler- to determine the size of the gift!

7. What do they have already?

Having an idea of what your hiker friend already owns can help you buy a useful gift! Buy something they can pair up with their existing gear like a sleeping bag liner for the sleeping bag or a scarf to pair with the beanie.

The best thing about receiving hiking gifts is that it evokes the experience of heading out and enjoying the outdoors. So, whenever you gift hiking essentials, you inspire and motivate a person to hit the trail running -or hiking!


Affordable Budget Gifts for Hikers

1. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Best for: Anyone who values their health!

Why it’s a great gift: It’s absolutely necessary to ensure the water you drink is safe! Drinking contaminated water can make you throw up for days -been there, done that!

Amazon Rating: 4.8 (25,958 reviews)

Guarantee and/or Return Policy: 3-year limited warranty for defects offered by LifeStraw

Weight: 2 oz

What else? As it allows you to drink directly from the source, it’s a great tool to carry for multi-day backpacking as well. In case you run out of drinking water, you can rely on this to purify it whenever you come across a source! Perfect for anyone exploring state forests in Massachusetts or any other forest/state park.

Make it a kit: A reusable water bottle.

2. Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Best for: Everyone! This is a total staple for any outdoor lover.

Why it’s a great gift: The super versatile multi-tool kit that includes a scissor, knife, and a screwdriver can help your friend tackle life outdoors better. It is very durable, easy to use, and compact in size.

Amazon Rating: 4.8 (13,747 reviews)

Guarantee and/or Return Policy: Lifetime warranty for defects offered by Swiss Army 

Weight: 0.7 oz

What else? It’s one of the best hiking gifts for everyone as it contains a tweezer, toothpick, nail file, and a key ring. You can choose from different colors too.

Make it a kit: A flashlight , a lighter , and rope to make it a small emergency repair or survival kit!

3. LED Rechargeable Headlamp Flashlights

Best for: The avid hiker who likes to lurk around at night, the cave explorer, and anyone that loves overnight stays in nature. 

Why it’s a great gift: It’s an adjustable and waterproof headlamp that can be used for many activities like hiking, camping, and light painting!

Amazon Rating: 4.6 (3787 reviews)

Guarantee and/or Return Policy: 30-day refund policy and replacement within two years

Weight: 2.86 oz 

What else? It comes with a USB cable, and a single charge will last for up to 30 hours, which is pretty impressive.

Make it a kit: A dry pouch , and a carabiner to hang inside your tent.

4. Merino Socks

Best for: This is for the hiker who always ends up with blisters due to bad footwear.

Why it’s a great gift: These moisture-wicking socks will keep your feet dry in both dry and cold weather conditions. Plus, they are also super comfortable and breathable!

Amazon Rating:

Women’s: 4.8 (1342 reviews)

Men’s: 4.6 (2817 reviews)

Guarantee and/or Return Policy: N/A


Women’s: 11.99 oz 

Men’s: 15.34 oz

What else? These socks are made from durable materials, so it’s ideal for rough use. They also provide adequate cushioning to prevent chafing! 

Make it a kit: Comfy hiking boots are the perfect complement if you’d like to top your budget.

5. Bamboo Toothbrush

Best for: A plastic-free, zero-waste gift for your eco-conscious hiking friend 

Why it’s a great gift: It’s a super useful and indispensable item. It’s one of the best gifts for hikers who go on overnight or multiday trips. You also don’t feel guilty if you accidentally leave it behind!

Amazon Rating: 4.5 (783 reviews)

Guarantee and/or Return Policy: 100% return/refund policy within 30 days

Weight: 3.99 oz 

What else? Everything used to manufacture the product is organic. There are 4 toothbrushes in each pack.

Make it a kit: You get a toothbrush case and a 30-meter long charcoal dental floss in a glass jar along with the toothbrush.

6. Monopoly Deal Card Game

Best for: Hikers who refuse to end the day without a fun-filled game (like me!) Great for those who frequently backpack on multiday trips

Why it’s a great gift: The game itself is awesome and fast-paced compared to the dragging monopoly we know! It’s compact, lightweight, and ideal for all ages!

Amazon Rating: 4.8 (10,528 reviews)

Guarantee and/or Return Policy: 30-day return policy

Weight: 3.84 oz

What else? If you want to gift 1 or 2 more travel-size games for all hikers this Christmas, take a look at our best travel board and card games here!

Make it a kit: I always keep a journal where I write not only the things we did over the day but also use it to keep scores and silly notes as a memory.

Mid-Budget Gifts for Hikers

7. AeroPress Coffee Maker

Best for: Coffee aficionados who won’t survive in the woods without their daily cup of coffee!

Why it’s a great gift: Users love this as the brewing method doesn’t make your coffee taste bitter! So, who doesn’t love a coffee maker that brings out the best in a coffee bean?? 

It’s fast, light in weight, and very easy to clean as well.     

Amazon Rating: 4.8 (2078 reviews)

Guarantee and/or Return Policy: 30-day return policy and 1-year limited warranty by AeroPress

Weight: 16 oz

Make it a kit: A coffee mug

What else? It’s ideal to prepare regular coffee as well as espresso or cappuccino. You get 350 filters with the product. Some say you can reuse them but it’s up to the user.

8. Travel Yoga Mat

Best for: Hiking yogis who love to switch into Zen mode out in the wilderness without the hassle of bulky yoga mats.

Why it’s a great gift: Practicing yoga during a hike is a great way to look after your fitness level and prevent injuries. With this lightweight, portable, non-slip mat that has two surface textures, you can do any kind of yoga! I love yoga with all my heart. It’s been my main practice for the last 3 years and really helped my soul, spirit, and fitness levels. If you are interested, I recommend you research some of the best yoga mats in the market and get to it! I will really help your hiking.

Amazon Rating: 4.9 (11 reviews)

Guarantee and/or Return Policy:  30-day return policy

Weight: 43 oz

What else? The yoga mat is produced using natural rubber, and it’s a biodegradable product. It also comes with a stretch strap!

Make it a kit: a camping towel.

9. Trekking poles

Best for: Hiking accessories gifts for uphiller of all sorts -and mud walkers!

Why it’s a great gift: These hiking poles are super useful in rocky climbs and trekking tough terrains as it provides grip and support for feet. These high-quality, durable, and lightweight poles are a must-have! They are also great when crossing wetlands, and river valleys as you can use them to measure the depth of the mud or the strength of rock before stepping onto it.

Amazon Rating: 4.8 (11,557 reviews)

Guarantee and/or Return Policy: 30-days return policy and 1-year limited warranty 

Weight: 9.7 oz

What else? These poles are available in many colors and include a carrying bag, spare rubber tips, connectors, and baskets -for mud and snow

Make it a kit: There’s a chance that if someone uses trekking poles they are a bit more experienced, so a pair of leg gaiters would be a great match!

10. Osprey Ultralight Foldable Daypack 20L

Best for: Day or multi-day hikers who need an extra bag to carry their gear or food items

Why it’s a great gift: The best thing about the bag is that it can carry a significant load but also packs down compactly into a small pouch. It’s also durable, comfortable, and fits really well. Undeniably one of the best gifts for casual hikers! And it’s an Osprey, so quality is ensured

Amazon Rating: 4.6 (1197 reviews)

Guarantee and/or Return Policy: Osprey offers All Mighty Guarantee for all its products. The company will either replace or repair damages/defects of its products

Weight: 3 oz

What else? The dimension of the backpack is 17 x 9 x 7 inches. There are 3 exterior pockets to hold hiking gear

Make it a kit: Backpack rain cover

11. Portable Solar Power Bank

Best for: Safety conscious hikers who may need back up charging power

Why it’s a great gift: You know the chances of recharging your power bank in the wilderness are…very slim yeah? This power bank offers regular, as well as solar power charging facilities. It’s a savior when you have no access to a power source to recharge your gadgets 

Amazon Rating: 4.3 (6065 reviews)

Guarantee and/or Return Policy: 12-month warranty 

Weight: 9.3 oz 

What else? Other impressive additional features include a wireless charging facility, compass kit, USB cable, and flashlight. Do not that the solar charger is for backup, so better get going with all your toys fully charged!

Make it a kit: A satellite phone -below!

12. LifeStraw Water Bottle

Best for: Backcountry hikers who would often face the issue of accessing clean water. It’s also one of the best gifts for hikers who are just starting out

Why it’s a great gift: With a built-in filter, you cannot ask for a safer option of drinking water from unknown sources! It’s also an essential item that you may regret not having -either this or the straw, or both!

Amazon Rating: 4.6 (4830 reviews)

Guarantee and/or Return Policy: 3-year limited warranty for filter defects by LifeStraw

Weight: 23 oz

What else? If the bottle is used regularly, the filter has to be replaced every 3 months. You can purchase them separately

Make it a kit: Water purification tablets for extra safety!

Top Budget Gifts for Hikers

13. Go Pro Camera -or a Budget-Friendly Alternative

Best for: Rad hikers, bloggers, video-makers who love to have good footage of their adventures!

Why is this a great gift for hikers? I mean…how can you not love this rad cutie? I know purchasing a Gopro can stretch your budget! If you want something similar that is as good (but cheaper) you can look into getting one of the best Gopro alternatives.

Think of these little rad cuties as an investment that can last years. We bought ours (second-hand) about 5 years ago, took it everywhere with us, and it’s still going.

14. Personal Tent

Best for: One of the best presents for solo hikers who prefer to camp overnight or go on multiday trips

Why it’s a great gift: Even a rookie can set up the tent in a few seconds. It’s also freestanding, light in weight, and very sturdy making it a perfect 3-season tent! 

Amazon Rating: 4.7 (1834 reviews)

Guarantee and/or Return Policy: Lifetime warranty policy offered by ALPS

Weight: 4 lbs. 1 oz 

What else? The dimensions of the tent are 5’6” x 7’6” with a 36” center height. For other tent options, you can find more on our pop up tents’ guide, and our round up of waterproof tents.

Make it a kit: A multifunction tent tarp footprint. You can use this as a tarp, a shelter and even a picnic blanket!

15. Hiking Dehydrated Food

Best for: Your vegan hiking friend in need a good dose of energy boost during their adventures

Why it’s a great gift: This protein-rich, vegan meal pack that contains chickpeas and rice is very easy to prepare. It can serve as a main meal after a tiring hike, and the spicy flavor is a treat for the taste buds. The compact packaging is another plus

Amazon Rating: 4.3 (183 reviews)

Guarantee and/or Return Policy: 30-day return

Weight: 48 oz (6 pack)

Make it a kit: A reusable cutlery set, a dish set for hikers

What else? Simply add water and it’s ready! The product is a pack of 6 where each package allows for 2 servings

Make it a kit: A camping cutlety set.


16. GPS Satellite Communicator

Best for: Experienced hikers who love going on off-trail expeditions, or to places with more dangers

Why it’s a great gift: This device works without the phone and is useful when there’s no cell reception, and you need to check weather reports, maps, and also keep in touch with loved ones. One of the best gifts for hikers on the go as it’s really tiny in size and reliable in function!

Amazon Rating: 4.6 (507 reviews)

Guarantee and/or Return Policy: 30-day return or refund policy 

Weight: 3.52 oz

What else? The device has 90-hour battery life. You can also sync the communicator to your phone for added convenience!

Make it a kit: Investing in this item also calls for a proper case .

17. Waterproof Kindle

Best for: Hikers who are also bookworms -me!

Why it’s a great gift: Pick a book that suits your mood in the wild and get to reading. You no longer have to fuss about which paperback book you get to take on trips -hence it saves weight on your pack

Amazon Rating: 4.5 (58,045 reviews)

Guarantee and/or Return Policy: 1-year limited warranty and service. Can be extended as well

Weight: 6.1 oz

What else? The glare-free display, 8 GB storage, and long battery life are some sweet features. You can also use audiobooks when you are not in the mood for reading. You don’t need to be a hiker to appreciate a Kindle, I take mine everywhere!

Make it a kit: Kindle cover case. I read everywhere, so a case is fundamental to prevent sand and dust from ruining the kindle!


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Hey u! I’m Martina, from Argentina. I’ve been combining travel and life overseas since 2013 in a quest for living alongside with creativity, joy and personal growth.

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