26 Best Camping Gift Ideas – A Guide to Useful and Cool Gear for All Types of Campers!


Here’s the second part of our gift series that’s exclusively geared towards camping enthusiasts. If you find long lists to be too confusing, don’t worry! I’ve categorized camping gift ideas by theme and style, so you can easily pick a treat that perfectly clicks with the camper in your mind.

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Top 3 Choices

Best for a glamping and ambience touch: Fairy Lights 2 Pack USB Powered String Lights

Best for eco-friendly stocking stuffers: Beeswax Reusable Food Wraps

Best for curious stargazers and campers of all ages: Portable Travel Scope

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Intro to the Best Camping Gift Ideas Guide

This guide is tailored for campers of all sorts, whether it’s backpackers or RV campers looking for the best gear for family campers. So, if you are hoping to gift something to the campers in your life (we won’t judge if it’s you), you can easily select a handy item from our list!

Why a separate article for camping? When hiking, we pay more attention to bringing only the essential items. So, a gift like a tent-décor item or extra gear toys can easily fall out of the list when the backpack weighs you down.

However, when it comes to a caravan or car camping holiday, you can go a bit crazy with your camping list. We always bring our drums, slackline, yoga mat, and whatever we feel we’ll fancy doing when heading out of town!

Also, hiking doesn’t always entail overnight stays, whereas camping is all about embracing the experience of a stargazing night, roasting marshmallows in a bonfire, and long hours of board games outdoors. You can even play a free road trip game for couples.

If you’re not a camper yourself, gifting campers can be a difficult task. What do you give people who refuse to stay at home for too long? So, as a seasoned camper, I’m here to speak on behalf of them and help you out. Keep reading!

Camping Gift Ideas for Casual Campers

If you’re after something for beginner campers -or even ardent campers who are short of some basics-, this list is for you. These camping gear gift ideas would never be dropped out of a checklist as they are essential for a smooth experience.

1. Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair with 4-Can Cooler

Best for: Big folks looking for a heavy-duty chair that doesn’t break!

Why it’s a great gift: Light in weight, sturdy in quality with the ability to accommodate campers both big and small. It has a built-in cooler to store up to 4 cans along with a pouch for stuff like your phone and books. How cool!

Amazon rating: 4.7 (24,202 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: 1-year limited warranty

Weight: 8 lbs.

What else? Many users seem to love how comfortable the chair is compared to othersIt’s easily foldable and comes with a carry bag for portability. The dimensions of the chair when unfolded are 7.48 x 7.72 x 26.97 inches.

2. DOSS Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Best for: Campers who can’t survive without their playlist in the background.

Why it’s a great gift: The compact size and exceptional sound quality make it the best choice for any kind of outdoor activity. One of the best camping gifts for music lovers!

Amazon rating: 4.5 (40,680 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: 1-year limited warranty for quality-related defects

Weight: 1.23lbs

What else? If you are looking for cost-effective but cool camping gift ideas, this is it. It has a very elegant appeal, an impressive battery life (up to 20 hours), and an effortless touch control system. It comes in 4 great colors such as red, black, pink, and white. The only thing is that when the battery goes down, you get a tone – which is helpful but annoying for some users.

3. Coleman 24-Piece Enamel Dinnerware Set

Best for: A family of campers

Why it’s a great gift: With this dinnerware set, you only have to worry about getting your cooking utensils together. It’s light in weight but sturdy enough to serve you for many years to come.

Amazon rating: 4.5 (1942 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: 190-days warranty 

Weight: 6.3 lbs. 

What else? The dinnerware set includes 4 dinner plates, coffee mugs, bowls, forks, knives, and spoons. The red color adds an aesthetic appeal to the dinnerware set and makes it attention-grabbing for those days when you feel your mess is everywhere! Since it’s enamel, cleaning and drying them is easy. There’s also a pouch to keep your cutlery more organized.

4. Trekology Portable Aluminum Camping Table

Best for: Any camper that enjoys socializing, cooking, and playing games. It’s time to say goodbye to those wobbly tables!

Why it’s a great gift: It’s rare to find extremely sturdy tables that are also light in weight, and this table nails it! Aluminum isn’t susceptible to wear and tear easily -unlike wood or plastic. It’s one of the best camping gifts that are ideal for a single or family of campers.

Amazon rating: 4.6 (2698 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: one-year warranty 


  • Small: 1.8lb

  • Medium: 2.8lb

  • Large: 3.2lb

What else? The table’s designed to be low in height, allowing campers to use it with or without a chair. It’s water-resistant, heat-resistant, and has a smooth, easy to clean surface. Setting it up is a breeze, so even kids can handle it with minimal effort.

5. Vont LED Camping Lantern (Battery-powered)

Best for: Any camper in need of a bright lantern. Never goes out of use.

Why it’s a great gift: Say your campsite doesn’t allow open fire -like ost here in New Zealand. This lantern would come in super-handy as it can easily light up your surroundings. It’s one of those rare camping gifts that will win all types of campers, from chatterboxes, bookworms, and cooks to gamers.

Amazon rating: 4.8 (24,675 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: Lifetime warranty and support

Weight: 10 oz. 

What else? You get 4 lanterns for the price – so great value for money there! The size is compact, and since it’s a collapsible design, you can adjust the brightness quite easily. Having a luminous focal point also encourages socializing and sharing. It can also help with ‘re-directing’ annoying bugs.

Camping Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

As we celebrate this Christmas with less social gatherings due to the global pandemic, the best way to spread love is through thoughtful gifts. Go through these ideas that are a mix of camping stocking stuffers and affordable presents. They are also eco-friendly choices, helping you spread a positive message this holiday season.

6. Lilly Bee Wrap Beeswax Reusable Wraps

Best for: Eco-conscious gifters and campers who are ditching plastic.

Why it’s a great gift: It’s an amazing alternative for single-use plastic wraps. They also make cute camping stocking stuffers because they’re small in size and attractive in design.

Amazon rating: 4.7 (341 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: N/A 

Weight: 4 oz.

What else? Investing in beeswax wraps is a great option because you can reuse them for more than a year. They also have a pleasant honey smell and have no nasties that can affect your food. So, giving these as a camping gift can also help people to shift from plastic.

7. Reef Repair Biodegradable Sunscreen Suncream SPF 30+

Best for: Everyone, especially the camper who always comes home with sunburned patches!

Why it’s a great gift: Unlike conventional sunscreen, this product is certified safe for you as well as the environment. It’s made with all-natural, organic ingredients that are ideal for both children and adults.

Amazon rating: 4.3 (495 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: N/A

Weight: 4 oz.

What else? Sunscreen is a must-have in your checklist regardless of the season in which you camp, although it’s more important during summer. If you are looking for camping Christmas gifts for someone who is just starting out, look no further. It’s also water-resistant!

8. Summit Outdoor Wine Glasses

Best for: Those who consider drinking as a camping ritual

Best for: Those who consider drinking as a camping ritual

Why it’s a great gift: These stainless steel camping glasses are shatterproof and are perfect instead of plastic or glass alternatives.

Amazon rating: 4.7 (908 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: 100% satisfaction guarantee and limited lifetime warranty

Weight: 1.15 lbs.

What else? It comes with a sliding lid so you don’t have to worry about spilling when you laugh so hard at a joke – or you are on an irregular surface like sand or grass! 

9. Sunkissed Shampoo and Condition Bars

Best for: Multiday camping trips when you need travel-friendly hair care solutions!

Why it’s a great gift: They are eco-friendly Christmas treats. These shampoo bars last much longer than your regular shampoo, making them a great investment! Also, the use of certain soaps is damaging for the natural environments where we camp, and we don’t want all that bad stuff getting into river streams and soil. So these bars are a great alternative to personal care in nature.

Amazon rating: 4.5 (388 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: N/A

Weight: 9.59 oz. 

What else? Made from all-natural ingredients. These bars are ideal for all types -including treated hair. You get 2 shampoo bars and one conditioner bar, each guaranteeing more than 80 washes. They come with a case -to help you store them properly.

10. Stasher Food Grade Silicone Reusable Storage Bag

Best for: Literally anyone -but if you know a camper who loves to snack throughout the trip, there’s no better gift.

Why it’s a great gift: They are an environmental-friendly option for plastic bags and a more compact choice for reusable containers. Undeniably the best gift for camping lovers!

Amazon rating: 4.6 (14, 507 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: N/A

Weight: 9.9 oz. (snack size)

What else? The dimensions of snack size bags are 10.25 x 8.25 x 1.5 inches. If you’re looking for different sizes, select from half-gallon, sandwich, pocket, and stand-up sizes. The bags are also available in many attractive colors and designs. They are ideal to store all kinds of food items, so buy yourself one too!

Camping Gifts Ideas for Couples

11. Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

Best for: For snuggly couples who like to swing and chill.

Why it’s a great gift: Come on, who doesn’t love one of the best budget camping hammocks? It’s one of those comfy and cozy moments of camping that everyone loves to enjoy. This hammock is made from heavy-duty nylon to be durable enough to hold two people.

Amazon rating: 4.8 (21,015 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: 100% satisfaction guarantee offering refund or replacement

Weight: 30 oz.

What else? The hammock comes with tree strings, so it’s ultra-convenient to set-up. It’s also light in weight, ideal for backpacking. There’s a range of colors to choose from as well, hence it’s a top choice if you are looking for practical, high-quality, and affordable camping gifts for couples. If your giftee is considering ditching the tent, then get a camping hammock!

12. MallowMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit Gear

Best for: Couples for whom camping doesn’t spell out well without freshly prepared food!

Why it’s a great gift:  This versatile cookware kit has just the right size for two people, equipped with all the essentials needed for basic cooking needs. The fact that it’s not bulky but durable for prolonged use makes it perfect for camping.

Amazon rating: 4.5 (4790 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: 100% satisfaction guarantee offering refund or replacement.

Weight: 0.9lbs.

What else? The kit includes 1l non-stick pot, pot cover, non-stick pans, two bowls, foldable steel fork, soup spoon, and wooden spatula. The collapsible design makes it easy to carry around, and you also get a drawstring pouch to hold it.

13. Blingstar USB Powered Fairly Lights

Best for: Camping gift ideas for glampers and all those who like their outdoor experience to be a bit extra in style!

Why it’s a great gift: These lights add the perfect touch of glamping vibes to the night. So, gift yourself or a couple you know the joy of a stylish outdoor setting!

Amazon rating: 4.6 (587 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: N/A

Weight: 4.6 oz. 

What else? What’s great is that you don’t have to struggle to find a power source or batteries. Just plug it into a power bank and voila. The string is around 10 meters and is available in warm white, purple, blue, and green colors.

It’s also waterproof so if you want to enjoy a drizzle with your special someone at night and catch a cold the next day, use them to make it more romantic! I personally find that creating ambiance when camping is a must – if this absolutely sounds like you, then you should get into glamping asap! 

14. Alphabeing Inflatable Lounger for Traveling and Camping

Best for: Couples who need a plusher camping love seat.

Why it’s a great gift: The lounger brings a homely element to your camping adventures as it’s very comfortable. It’s also super-easy to inflate, light in weight, and made from tough materials to last.

Amazon rating: 4.4 (1732 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: 100% risk-free warranty offering refund or replacement

Weight: 2.6 lbs.

What else? The lounger comes with a stake to hold it firmly in place during windy days. There are 3 side pockets to hold your necessities. The only matter, if at all, is that you might look a little funny running around the camping group to inflate it.

15. Portable Stainless Steel Spice Shaker – 6pcs Set

Best for: Camping chefs who can’t survive outdoors without their favorite spices

Why it’s a great gift: Camping is no fun with bland food, and unless you plan to survive on pre-prepared food, this is a must-have. One of the best camping gifts for food aficionados!

Amazon rating: 4.6 (409 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: 90-day warranty offering free replacement of faulty products.

Weight: 1.01 lbs.

What else? The set consists of 6 shakers, each with rotating lids that let you adjust the opening holes. Each bottle is 5 x 9.2 cm in dimension and made from stainless steel. It has a handy pouch to hold them and carry around easily.

Gifts for RV Campers

When you go on RV camping, you don’t have to fret about the weight and size of the product as long as you can haul them in your vehicle. Below, you’ll find some fabulous, highly functional motorhome essentials for camper owners who love the outdoor life. These camping gifts will make your experience comfy-as! If you want to uplevel your gifting efforts, you can go for a lovely travel or camping subscription box.

16. Livememory Collapsible Storage Bins with Lids

Best for: Gift ideas for RV campers who like to stay very organized during trips

Why it’s a great gift: These multi-purpose storage boxes help you organize your trailer space more efficiently.

Amazon rating: 4.3 (36 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: N/A

Weight: 5.39 lbs. 

What else? It’s collapsible in design, so you can fold and keep it aside when not in use. The dimensions of the box are 16.6 x 11.2 x 9.3 inches, and they can hold up to 28 liters. You can store clothes, camping gear, and other essentials here.

17. Coleman Instant Canopy

Best for: Camping RV gifts for small families 

Why it’s a great gift: With this, you won’t have to worry about heat or rain hampering your camping experience. The canopy is easy to set up and sturdy enough to hold against tough weather. Actually, this is one of the best canopies for beach days!

Amazon rating: 4.0 (793 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: 1-year limited warranty

Weight: 28.65 lbs.

What else?  The dimension of the canopy is 53 x 11x 9 inches. It’s noteworthy that you might find it difficult to walk around, especially if you are very tall. You can also use it for a host of other outdoor activities, so it’s surely one of the best camping gifts -it can also be a sweet complement to a pop up or waterproof tent.

18. Camplux 2-Burner Propane Stove for Camping

Best for: Campers in need of a stove to cook both small and large-sized meals

Why it’s a great gift: This 2-burner stove with an automatic ignition makes cooking simple and less time-consuming! It’s capable of holding two large pots at the same time, making it one of the best camping gifts for families.

Amazon rating: 4.5 (40 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: N/A

Weight: 9.9 lbs. 

What else?  It’s durable, light in weight, and has a built-in shield to let you cook even when it’s windy. The size of the stove is 21.65 x 11.81 x 3.74 inches. It’s also a good choice for those looking for an upgrade from a single burner. 

19. Haitral Portable Inflatable Mattress with Pillow

Best for: Campers in need of a comfortable mattress to rest after a tiring day

Why it’s a great gift: If you are looking for long-lasting gifts for RV campers, this is perfect. This sleeping mattress is durable, light in weight, and has a very soft, velvety texture to it. You can even flip it and use the mattress as a sofa to relax on!

Amazon rating: 4.0 (1297 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: 30-90 days money back or replacement warranty, 3 months guarantee for free replacement of parts.

Weight: 5.7 lbs.

What else? The dimensions of the mattress after inflated are 35.4 x 55 x 17.7 inches. You get an electric pump to inflate it very easily. Make sure it’s compatible with the car model of the camper.

20. Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

Best for: Useful RV camping gifts for campers who struggle to fight off expectable odors and condensation in their vehicle. 

Why it’s a great gift: As you live and breathe in a car for days, bad odor begins to build up. But, this odor absorber resolves the problem without emitting a strong smell like scented air fresheners. You can also reuse it for as long as 2 years!

Amazon rating: 4.2 (5823 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: Lifetime replacement for new, faulty bags

Weight: 1.8 lbs. (pack of 4 bags)

What else? These bags help you clean any stinky place without traumatizing your nose. Place the bags 2 hours every month in the sun, and they will work again. They are also pet friendly.

Cool and Fun Camping Gifts

Like I mentioned above, you can go a bit extra with camping, unlike hiking. If you’re looking to gift some interesting camping accessories, take a look at this list. Whether you are looking for a thoughtful gift that reminds them about their love for camping or useful items meant to save the day, check this out!

21. FaceYee Camping Pillows Cushion Cover

Best for: Relatable fun and cute bites ies of camping life!

Why it’s a great gift: It’s one of the funny camping gifts that every RV camper can relate to – they will surely thank you for it!

Amazon rating: 4.5 (259 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: N/A

Weight: 3.98 oz.

What else? The cover is stitched out of cotton linen. Its dimensions are 9.3 x 6 x 0.7 inches.

22. ToadFish Non-Tipping Suction Cup Can Cooler

Best for: Anyone. But, if you know a camper who tends to spill drinks often for some reason -aka Martina Grossi-, this is the ultimate gift!

Why it’s a great gift: This suction cup ensures that your favorite drink won’t spill and make a mess when you’re traveling -while keeping it cool at the same time.

Amazon rating: 4.6 (2402 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: N/A

Weight: 8 oz.

What else? Perfect for campers who also love to sail. The suction cup is designed to withstand moderate bumps and knocks. This is ideal to hold 12 oz. cans. Just remember that you have to place it on smooth, clean surfaces to work well.

23. Tea Towel – “Life Is Better When You Are Camping”

Best for: Camping enthusiasts and beginners who need the inspiration to keep going! 

Why it’s a great gift: These towels are super cute camping themed gifts that will easily put a smile on any camper. You can also give them as keepsakes for a friend you met during camping.

Amazon rating: 4.8 (288 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: N/A

Weight: 2.82 oz.

What else?  The dimensions of the towel are 28 x 28 x 0.05 inches. They are made from 100% cotton material.

24. Camping Journal and RV Travel Log

Best for: Campers who love to keep a log of their unforgettable experiences

Why it’s a great gift: This travel journal is great for kids as well as adults to record their traveling adventures. It’s tailor-made to include every interesting detail about your trips, including weather, route, and amenities of the campsite.

Amazon rating: 4.7 (165 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: N/A

Weight: 10.5 oz.

What else?  Even if you don’t enjoy writing extensive details about your trip, you will surely love this. Journaling in this is an easy matter of short sentences and ticking boxes! The book is 7 x 10 inches in size.

As a travel writer, journaling and keeping travel notes is of the absolute essence -and a way to connect deeply with the experiences on the road., so a journal that helps me get in the zone so easily is a godsend!

25. Extra Large Picnic and Outdoor Mat for Camping

Best for: A multi-functional mat for campers to relax, eat, and chill 

Why it’s a great gift: Not too thick to be bulky and not too thin to make you feel like you are sitting on the hard ground. The ability to roll it into a tote bag and carry it around is a major plus.

Amazon rating: 4.4 (3531 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy: N/A

Weight: 0.01lbs. (60 x 60 inches)

What else?  The mat made from tartan material consists of 3 layers for added comfort. It is also waterproof and sand-proof, making it easy to clean and maintain. The blanket is available in 4 different sizes, so you can pick one that best fits your requirements. I also use it underneath my tent sometimes!

26. Portable Telescope

Best for: Stargazers and curious nature-watchers.

Why it’s a great gift: Stargazing like you mean it adds a whole new level to your camping trip. This might be my absolute fave gift on this guide because it allows us to connect with the amazing world around us -and engage even the most resistant campers!

Amazon rating: 4.2 (6245 reviews)

Guarantee and/or refund policy:  two-year guarantee and unlimited access to US-based technical support

Weight: 3.3 lbs

What else: You can use it day and night on camping quests, backyard parties, and bird watching. It’s a great gift to create curiosity, and the best part is you can easily move it around and set it up. This telescope is ideal for beginners and stargazing enthusiasts. The kit includes a tripod, accessories, and access to the SkyPortal Planetarium App.

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