The 14 Best Water Hiking Shoes – Choose Your Water Footwear Like a Pro!

If you are hunting for the best water hiking shoes, you have come to the right place! Before we start, lemme make a distinction for the sake of clarity:

Waterproof shoes prevent the entry of water, whereas water shoes are designed to manage water flow effectively.

My approach to water HIKING shoes is to have footwear designed to either hike in water, or in terrain where you’d come across streams or estuary crossings. However, this guide also touches on different kinds of water shoes.

Why? Because sometimes you’ll be combining many activities within one single trip. And my goal is to facilitate all the information in one go, so you can make the most of your choice!

In this guide, you’ll also learn how to choose and care for your water shoes, so they become a good investment for your outdoor life. 

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Top 3 Choices

Best for KEEN’s top quality, sturdyness and toe protection for “proper” hikes: KEEN Women’s Newport H2 Sandal -also available for men

Best for super-affordable and versatile water shoes: Mishansha Mens Womens Water Shoes Quick Dry

Best for an ultralight, high quality option for wet rock walking: Vibram Men’s V-Aqua Grey Walking Shoe -also available for women

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Table of Contents:

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Intro to the 15 Best Water Hiking Shoes Guide

If you are looking for a pair of water shoes that can be used for all purposes, it’s going to be tough. A quick search would tell you there’s an overwhelming amount of choices in the market. 

To pull out an example from my experience, I needed aqua shoes for Croatia because of its pebbly beaches; and for New Zealand -to get into lakes. But, surely, aqua shoes aren’t necessarily great for river crossing on hikes because of their thin soles. So I needed to look for different options…

And here’s where things got sticky! 

There are aqua shoes, water sandals, crocs, five-finger shoes, wet shoes, boat shoes, scuba shoes, kayak shoes, beach shoes…Each type is designed for a specific function or different outdoor conditions. 

But hey, don’t you worry, friend! The purpose of this guide on choosing the best water shoes is to help you select footwear that fits your feet and purpose. 

The Difference Between Hiking Shoes and Water Shoes

As the name implies, hiking shoes are specifically designed for hiking, trekking, or trail running in diverse terrain conditions. They are very sturdy in nature, with excellent traction, comfort, and arch support to keep you going. 

If water seeps into your waterproof footwear, it can become a nightmare, making your feet soggy and heavier to lift. No feet like to experience that pool party either! This is where water shoes override waterproof footwear. You don’t have to worry about the depth of the water level because water can flow in and out easily -and dry fast. 

All-in-all, water shoes, depending on the type, can be used for water hiking, river walking, swimming, surfing, kayaking, beachcombing, and other types of water-related activities. So, yes, not every water shoe is necessarily a proper hiking shoe.

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What Are the Different Types of Water Shoes?

Hiking water shoes

These are specially designed shoes for hiking in water or wet weather with more attention to traction on slippery, rocky, and mossy surfaces. With holes underneath, they drain water faster, keeping your feet dry and protected. 

The closed-toe design guards your entire feet from sharp objects that can damage your skin underwater. This is fundamental as many times you are not able to see where you are stepping. The best water hiking shoes also work exceptionally well on dry terrain, so you don’t have to switch footwear in between.

Hiking water sandals 

Hiking water sandals offer the same amount of traction as shoes but with more breathability due to the open-toe design. And yet, some water hiking sandals cover your toes partially for protection.

Due to the quick-drying feature and increased comfort, sandals are a favorite among many hikers. They are also great for summer activities!


While they are not great for hiking or trekking purposes, crocs can function as great water shoes when you are exploring a shallow river or walking on the beach. The holes in them allow water to get in and out without burdening your feet too much. But, it sweats a lot, and if there isn’t a fastener at the back, you could lose them the minute you are in the water. I have suggested a great pair of crocs that overcomes these issues!

Five-finger shoes

Think of gloves on your feet. That’s exactly how these feel. These shoes are designed to fit your feet snugly, in their true shape. While you may look a bit silly wearing them, don’t underestimate this latest innovation. It provides the same comfort of walking barefoot while ensuring your feet remain protected -one of the best shoes for hiking in water.

Boat shoes 

For boating enthusiasts, these shoes provide extra traction on slippery surfaces. Their soles are made from rubber for this purpose. They are not waterproof and come in canvas or leather materials, so you can select one that you feel most comfortable in. Boat shoes are also great for casual wear and come in a variety of designs.

Wet shoes

From kayaking to snorkeling and scuba diving, wet shoes ensure you can indulge in your favorite water sports without irritating your feet. They are light in weight, with a neoprene membrane to trap water and provide warmth to your feet in cold weather. In addition, they provide grip on wet surfaces and do a decent job in protecting your feet from mild elements piercing your skin. But, their soles are extremely thin, and if you ever try to walk on rocky surfaces with them…just don’t. 

Aqua socks

Some aqua shoes are essentially socks that help your feet breathe and remain comfortable in the water. However, slip-on shoes with thin soles and materials also qualify as aqua socks. 

They can’t handle rocky terrains well but work great on beaches! They are also great for aquatic sports heroes who want a snugly covering for their feet when swimming or surfing. These are lightweight too and good for using even as slippers -something to consider when you are choosing what to wear on a hike -tho sometimes they are not very breathable. Complete your beach gear with a top beach canopy and shelter to get dressed/changed!


What Are the Most Comfortable Water Shoes?

These are the ones that are light in weight, made from breathable fabric with adequate cushioning to prevent your feet from getting hurt. Arch support and traction are also important factors. Hiking water shoes and sandals meet these criteria as they are designed for longer journeys.

What Are the Main Features of Water Shoes?

Optimum traction 

As these are primarily meant to provide support in wet and slippery terrains, optimum traction is a must. For example, when you explore lakes and rivers, you are bound to come across very slippery surfaces that can easily make you prone to injuries. Even when you walk on the beaches, there will be moss-laden surfaces on rocks.

This can be even more intimidating if you are hiking uphill or downhill -not only your feet could get hurt, but your knees will also suffer for it! Again, it all comes down to specific conditions as, in this scenario, you may choose to keep your hiking boots and let them get as wet as needed (hint: always bring your gaiters too!)


Water shoes, as mentioned at the beginning of this guide, aren’t waterproof. But, they are designed to drain water faster using holes in the soles and through mesh-like fabrics. Since water isn’t absorbed, shoes won’t feel heavy -allowing you to hike more comfortably. 


When you are looking for the best pair of water hiking shoes, always pay attention to the material because it affects many factors like breathability, insulation, comfort, and drainage. 

Although many often come in synthetic materials like nylon and spandex, you also get them in leather and canvas -depending on the type. For hiking, we recommend shoes with a synthetic mesh design that’s quick-drying and breathable. 

If you want to prevent water from getting in as much as possible, go for one with a neoprene layer.


As there are different kinds of water shoes, the designs are also varied -more dets on this on our selected picks. I prefer sandals that fit tight – I despise the squicky sound and feel of loose footwear!


Water shoes should be as light as possible because they are bound to gain some weight in water. Selecting a heavier shoe will cause discomfort when walking on the ground as well. It also makes it easy to carry them around if you are using them only during a river crossing -or other similar tasks. 

What Is the Best and Safest Type of Water Shoe for Hikers?

The safest types of water hiking shoes offer toe protection and have a thick outer sole

This way, your skin will be protected against harsh objects when hiking or stream walking. 

Generally, water hiking shoes tick the safety box while closed-toe sandals come close. Wet shoes and aqua socks offer little protection against sharp elements.

As for the best shoe, there isn’t one -whaaaaa? It really depends on the activity you are engaged in. For hiking, the best footwear is hiking shoes, boots, or sandals. But are they good for swimming? No. So, the best shoe depends on the purpose along with factors like quality, and durability

Difference Between Water Shoes for Men and Women

Although I prefer not to divide gear based on gender, there are solid reasons why some differences exist -just like on this guide to the best hiking backpacks for women.

The primary difference is size. Men’s water shoes are wider, usually 1-2 inches more than women’s water shoes. 

As the shape of the foot is also slightly different, women’s shoes have more space near the forefoot and toe area but narrow towards the heel.

Another interesting differentiator is what’s known as the Q-angle. As women have wider hips than men, the shape and positioning of the feet are also different. This can lead to variations in heel placement and arch support found in shoes. 

If you have ever wondered why ladies’ shoes tend to wear off more in specific places than men’s, the Q-angle is the reason. It leads to different foot pronation.

Moreover, the midsole of women’s shoes is usually softer and lighter as ladies are smaller in stature. Since men have a heavier figure in general, the soles are designed to withstand more force.

But, selecting the best water shoes for hiking depends on the fit, size, and unique shape of your feet. Ladies with wide legs can accommodate well to men’s’ shoes and vice versa -that’s me!

How to Care for Your Water Shoes?

If you are dealing with shoes that are exposed to water, mud, sand, rocks, pebbles, and dirt…it goes without saying they require some TLC! 

They provide protection and comfort, so it’s only fair you return some of that favor…? 

However, this doesn’t mean you put them straight in the washing machine without considering if they can handle the spin. Or stuff them in the freezer to remove funky odors. So, here’s how:

Clean them rigorously 

Remove the shoes and unfasten their laces or any other locking mechanism in them. Rinse with warm water first. Then, begin to clean your shoes with soap or shampoo using a toothbrush or a sponge depending on the fabric. 

Don’t scrub too much as it can damage the shoe. Adding a bit of baking soda to your cleaning solution (shampoo and water) can help you get rid of dirt effectively without using harsh chemicals.

If the sole can be removed, try to wash it separately to get rid of the stinky smell completely -yas, plis! Some water shoes can be cleaned using a washing machine as well. So read the instructions given by the manufacturer to determine this.

Dry them in an airy space

After washing, it’s key to ensure they are 100% dried. You can use newspapers to take away excess moisture, use a gentle hair-dryer to quicken the drying process, leave it under a fan or a ventilated spot. 

While some shoes can be left in the direct sun to dry, it’s not always advisable. Sun rays can kill bacteria but may also decolorate or damage some types of fabrics -or make your footwear stiff. 

Bottom line, avoid stuffing newly washed shoes in a bag as it can make things worse!

If you are on a multi-day hike, take care of your shoes in between if at all possible. If you find them to be too muddy and wet, bang the shoes together to remove excess dirt, rinse them thoroughly, and leave them to dry in an open space. If soles are detachable, dry them separately.

I know this can be tricky as sometimes you’ll be setting camp under the pouring rain, and may not have a shelter to leave your gear to dry. If this is the case, I recommend you to ensure you have a waterproof tent with a vestibule. You should also bring your tarp along.. 

Another option is to get a fisherman net bag, put your shoes there sole-to-sole and hang them to dry, make sure they are not dripping!

Store them well

It’s recommended to store your shoes in a ventilated area. Don’t store shoes inside bags as it can make them smell even more. 

The Best Water Shoes for Hiking 

Here are the best water shoes ideal for different activities that I have handpicked carefully, so you don’t have to spend time researching. You will surely find the pair you are looking for on this list!

The Best Water Shoes for Hiking

Here are the best water shoes ideal for different activities that I have handpicked carefully, so you don’t have to spend time researching.

I’ve chosen the following looking for a balance across budgets, brands known and loved, ratings, cool features, and reviews. My goal is to offer you a range of options when it comes to types of design. In the end it comes down to your likes!

For example, I love my slip-ins as they are easy to put and remove when river crossing -avoiding delays when hiking -I also like to always have my feet covered.

1. Mishansha Quick-Drying Unisex

Best for: Budget-friendly water shoe for hiking and water sports

Type of water footwear: Hiking water shoe

Weight: 15.2 oz.

Type of sole: Anti-slip camo rubber

Lacing or closure system: Drawstring lace mechanism

Amazon rating: 4.5 (13,825 reviews)


  • Impressive traction

  • Cheap

  • Good drainage with holes at the bottom

  • Comfortable


  • It may not be ideal for people with wide feet

  • Average build quality

  • Not great on very rocky terrains

Top raving reviews say: Recommended for inexpensive and awesome water shoes.

Top negative reviews say: Comfortable but not for walking on river rocks.

Other considerations: The material of the shoe is spandex. There are over 30 color combinations to choose from, and the design is equally impressive. If you are looking for the best water shoe that offers a balance between quality and price, this is it!

2. SIMARI Men’s and Women’s Water Hiking Shoes

Best for: Unisex water hiking shoes

Type of water footwear: Hiking shoes

Weight: Lightweight (not specified)

Type of sole: Anti-slip, rubber sole with a bumpy texture for added grip

Lacing or closure system: Elastic shoelace with a locking mechanism

Amazon rating: 4.5 (11,426 reviews)


  • Very light in weight

  • Inexpensive

  • The breathable fabric makes them comfortable to wear

  • Excellent traction

  • Good drainage


  • Sizes run big in these shoes. It’s better to order one size down

  • Although the sole is good, the material itself isn’t very durable

  • No toe guards

Top raving reviews say: Worth to buy but should go down a size.

Top negative reviews say: Thin insoles that are not attached and come off.

Other considerations: If you are looking for a pair of comfortable, barefoot hiking shoes, SIMARI shoes will be up for the job. As their soles are quite thin, it’s advisable not to use them on rocky terrains. These shoes come in an extensive range of colors.

3. Adidas Outdoor Men’s Climacool Jawpaw Slip-On Walking Shoe

Best for: A water shoe ideal for beach or pool wear

Type of water footwear: Water shoe 

Weight: 8.5 oz. 

Type of sole: water-specific, rubber sole style

Lacing or closure system: Slip-on

Amazon rating: 4.4 (404 reviews)


  • Adidas midsole drainage system and the synthetic material allow for quick drying

  • Lightweight

  • Comfortable


  • Sizes run small

  • Not good arch support

  • Pricey -but still a good investment as Adidas offers great quality

Top raving reviews say: Best water shoes, light and comfortable.

Top negative reviews say: Decent footwear but lack traction and heel support.

Other considerations: These shoes may work for light hikes, but I wouldn’t recommend long journeys with them due to their thin soles. They are only available in black color, and the classic Adidas design makes them look very trendy.

4. Hiitave Barefoot Aqua Socks Water Shoes for Hiking

Best for: Water shoes that also function as great aqua socks

Type of water footwear: Water hiking shoes/aqua socks

Weight: 11.99 oz. 

Type of sole: Non-slip rubber outsole and comfortable Solyte midsole

Lacing or closure system: Shoelaces with elastic band

Amazon rating: 4.5 (3911 reviews)


  • Good drainage

  • Great traction

  • Durable

  • Solid build quality


  • Not good for rocky areas as the sole is thin

  • Some users claimed it being loose for their feet

Top raving reviews say: You can wear these shoes pretty much anywhere.

Top negative reviews say: Disappointing and not up to expectations.

Other considerations: You can swim, surf, and even dive in these shoes comfortably without trouble. Available in 4 different color combinations. Hiitave also offers the same model for ladies, if you are interested.

5. Viakix Walking and Athletic Sandals for Women

Best for: Sandals for hiking and water sports for female adventurers!

Type of water footwear: Open-toe hiking sandals

Weight: 14.39 oz.

Type of sole: Rubber outsole, cushioned EVA foam midsole

Lacing or closure system: Buckles that also snap -so easy to slip on and off these sandals!

Amazon rating: 4.4 (2459 reviews)


  • Very comfortable to wear with good arch support

  • Adjustable straps provide a snug fit. They also don’t irritate your skin –run and conquer the world as you wish, ladies!

  • Good traction on wet and slippery surfaces

  • Breathable, so your feet won’t stink or sweat

  • Great value for money


  • Lack of toe protection

  • It leaves much of the feet exposed, and therefore may not be ideal when you hike through dense forests or cross deep lakes

Top raving reviews say:  A great option for plantar fasciitis as they are supportive and comfortable.

Top negative review says: Broke during first use.

Other considerations: For ladies looking for the best hiking water sandals that are durable and stylish, Viakix is a top option. You don’t have to doubt about traction with this pair, and waterproof straps keep your feet dry. They come in several colors, such as black, blue, and grey. These sandals are also great for casual wear.

6. Chaco Hiking Shoes Women’s Odyssey Sandals

Best for: Those who want the functionality of sandals but with toe protection

Type of water footwear: Closed-toe hiking water sandals

Weight: 16 oz.

Type of sole: Compound rubber outsole and women’s specific LUVSEAT PU midsole treated to be odor-free

Lacing or closure system: Adjustable buckle 

Amazon rating: 4.2 (121 reviews)


  • Light in weight and very comfortable to wear –so many great reviews about comfort!

  • Good arch support

  • It can be used for multiple purposes from day hikes to kayaking

  • Excellent durability


  • You might find the strap too long, which can be annoying because there’s no place to tuck the excess bit

  • It’s difficult to get rid of rocks, sand, and debris once they get into the sandal

Top raving reviews say: These are comfortable and good looking sandals.

Top negative review says: Too wide, not good for narrow feet.

Other considerations: While Odyssey’s classified as a sandal, it’s more like a hybrid version of a shoe and sandal. You can wear them barefoot or with wet shoes or aqua socks for extra protection. The attractive color combinations offer you a solid range of choices. In my opinion, one of the best water shoes for hiking in supreme comfort!

7. Speedo Men’s Water Shoe Surfwalker Pro 3.0

Best for: Folks looking for beach-specific water shoes

Type of water footwear: Beach shoes or swimming/diving shoes

Weight: 10 oz.

Type of sole: Speedo S-Trac sticky outsole and cushioned midsole

Lacing or closure system: Slip-on (stretchable material)

Amazon rating: 4.5 (4253 reviews)


  • Comfortable and breathable fabric

  • Snug fit

  • Good traction

  • Great for tackling pebbled-beaches as the mid-sole is well-cushioned

  • Budget-friendly


  • Lack of arch support

  • Compared to other water hiking shoes, this has thin soles – may not be ideal for rough terrain hikes

  • Not very durable

Top raving review mentions: Solid and durable product. There are some design flaws, but overall, worth the investment.

Top negative review mentions: Poor quality -shoe broke after two days and shoe-pad comes off.

Other considerations: Speedo is a renowned brand for aquatic sportswear, and this pair won’t disappoint you. They would also make great river hiking shoes in shallow waters but you would find it uncomfortable if it’s too rocky. Available in black, grey, and navy blue. 

8. Vibram Men’s V-Aqua Grey Walking Shoe

Best for: Outdoor enthusiasts looking for barefoot hiking shoes

Type of water footwear: Five-finger shoes

Weight: 4.9 oz.

Type of sole: Vibram Megagrip outsole and EVA midsole with silicone treatment

Lacing or closure system: Stretchable opening and Velcro strap fastener 

Amazon rating: 4.5 (339 reviews)


  • Superb performance

  • Excellent traction on wet surfaces

  • Very comfortable -and the snug fit makes it easier to walk

  • Good water drainage


  • Not ideal for regular use and long hikes

  • Expensive

  • May not appear attractive

Top raving review mentions: It feels like a second skin.

Top negative review mentions: It’s a great shoe for water, but not as good for sand or mud.

Other considerations: These excel as beach shoes and river walking shoes but lag in performance when it comes to hikes due to their not-so-thick soles. They are very versatile and loved by many. That being said, their shape isn’t something everyone would prefer on their feet. While Five-finger shoes are easy to clean, some users have complained of them being a bit smelly after prolonged use. 

9. Crocs Swiftwater Mesh Water Shoes

Best for: Croc lovers who don’t want to look silly -admit it!- next to other water shoe models

Type of water footwear: Crocs/clogs

Weight: 16 oz. 

Type of sole: Synthetic sole with flex grooves for grip at the bottom

Lacing or closure system: Adjustable hook and loop straps

Amazon rating: 4.7 (3477 reviews)


  • Feels very light

  • Very comfortable to wear due to Croslite foam cushioning

  • Versatile

  • Sturdy design

  • Good arch support

  • Dries fast as water drains through openings on the sides quickly


  • Mesh isn’t stretchable

  • Stones and dirt can get in through holes

  • The sole is stiff

Top raving reviews mention: Users that swore would never wear crocs, only to find they are a great purchase.

Top negative review mentions: The shoes failed completely and were a waste of money.

Other considerations: If you are on the hunt for the best water shoes for multi-purpose use, you would really get along with these crocs. Whether it’s river walking, canoeing, kayaking, or paddleboarding, they have got you covered. The fact that the design is similar to a sandal also makes it pretty stylish, don’t you think? Note there’s not an exact alike model for women,

10. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal

Best for: All-terrain water hiking sandals for men

Type of water footwear: Water sandals 

Weight: 15.2 oz. 

Type of sole: Non-marking rubber outsole and EVA Footbed midsole

Lacing or closure system: Bungee lacing system and rear pull-on loop

Amazon rating: 4.5 (12,608 reviews)


  • Waterproof

  • Extremely durable

  • Excellent traction

  • Easy to care for these sandals as they are machine washable

  • Very comfortable to wear for a long time

  • The mesh fabric dries really fast

  • Good arch support


  • Fancy-pricey!

  • Sizes run small -but the manufacturer has specified how to select the right size!

Top raving reviews mention: These shoes are lighter but still secure, comfortable -and look great.

Top negative review mentions: Great look and fit but lasted only a few months. 

Other considerations: Undeniably the best waterproof hiking sandals! Handy for all kinds of activities because of their durability and closed-toe design for protection. They come in attractive color combinations to choose from. 

Click here to check out the Newport H2 Sandal for Women!

11. Salomon Men’s Crossamphibian Swift 2 Water Shoes

Best for: Men’s hiking water shoes that also tick the sustainability factor

Type of water footwear: amphibious water shoes

Weight: 16 oz.

Type of sole: Rubber outer sole with heavy-duty lugs and high-performance EVA midsole

Lacing or closure system: Lace

Amazon rating: 4.2 (162 reviews)


  • Light in weight

  • Comfortable with a breathable feel for your feet

  • Good drainage

  • Good traction

  • Eco-friendly


  • Not very durable

  • Not excellent at water resistance

  • The sole doesn’t stick on wet grounds as other water hiking shoes

Top raving review mentions: Great shoe for hiking, yet it takes longer to dry than expected. 

Top negative review mentions: Comfortable but not durable.

Other considerations: These shoes are great for running and hiking in wet weather. But, compared to others, they are not the best as water walking shoes or water sports shoes. If you are sustainability-conscious, then know these shoes are made from used materials such as plastic bottles, corn, and bamboo fiber. Available in three color combinations.

12. Merrell Women’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe

Best for: A great choice for women’s amphibious shoes with extra grip

Type of water footwear: Water hiking shoes for women

Weight: 18 oz. 

Type of sole: Vibram synthetic outer sole and Unifly cushioned midsole

Lacing or closure system: Bungee lacing system

Amazon rating: 4.6 (1405 reviews)


  • A very comfortable hiking water shoe

  • Impressive build quality

  • Great traction

  • Keeps your feet dry and happy with its waterproof, moisture-wicking layers

  • Ideal for all kinds of terrains

  • Good drainage

  • Excellent arch support


  • There’s a chance for pebbles and sand to get in

Top raving review mentions: Superior comfort and sturdiness of Merrell, on a budget.

Top negative review: Really great for water, but not for hiking.

Other considerations: As an all-terrain performer, these hiking water shoes can easily be your go-to pair for all kinds of activities in and out of water. Users have raved about it being one of the most comfortable water shoes because of its midsole cushioning and extra padding at the back. They also come in attractive color combinations!

13. ALEADER Women’s Water Hiking Shoe

Best for: A water hiking shoe that’s also stylish

Type of water footwear: women’s hiking water shoes

Weight: 1.59 lbs. 

Type of sole: Rubber outer sole, shock-absorbing EVA Footbed midsole 

Lacing or closure system: Drawstring lace 

Amazon rating: 4.4 (470 reviews)


  • The moisture-wicking, breathable upper fabric keeps your feet dry and comfortable

  • Excellent traction

  • Great arch support

  • Good drainage

  • Reasonably priced


  • Small pebbles can get into the shoe

  • Not very durable

Top raving review mentions: Perfect for summer. Plus, they don’t have the typical water shoe look -yet remain sturdy, comfortable, and light.

Top negative review mentions: Awful when they get wet.

Other considerations: If you want the best water shoes for women that are ideal for short hikes, beach, and river activities, this is it. ALEADER water hiking shoes are renowned for their quick-drying ability and attractive designs. This model comes in 3 colors such as purple, grey, and black.

14. KEEN Women’s Newport H2 Sandal

Best for: Colorful sandals to rock on your hiking adventures

Type of water footwear: Water hiking sandals

Weight: 12 oz.

Type of sole: Non-marking rubber outsole and compression-molded EVA midsole 

Lacing or closure system: Quick lace bungee system

Amazon rating: 4.5 (4068 reviews)


  • Super comfortable water shoe for hiking

  • Added toe-feet protection compared to other KEEN sandals

  • Good build quality

  • Good traction and arch support

  • Waterproof webbing material


  • Very expensive

  • Not very breathable -may sweat a bit

Top raving review mentions: These are great shoes for kayaking, camping, and keeping ones’ feet steady.

Top negative review: Poor quality.

Other considerations: The Newports are often compared with another top design from this beloved brand, the KEEN Whisper Sandals. As per reviews mention, the Whispers may be a tad more comfy but theNewports deliver on sturdyness. They are also versatile, so you can engage in water sports or go hiking without doubting their performance. These shoes come in great color combinations for those who love their footwear to be a bit flashy!

Click here to check out the Keen’s for Men!

Final Words on Choosing the Best Water Hiking Shoes for You

As you can see, in this guide, I’ve shared heaps of tips and information to help you make a purchase that will really enhance your experiences out in nature.

These may not seem like a top gear essential or the first thing that comes to mind when packing, but they can really assist you in comfort and safety. 

Even after a long day out, you may choose to wear sandals to make your way around the campsite -just like you’d do with flip-flops, but only much better! You may not wear these on each and single hike to head to, but they will make a sweet backup even if you encounter rain. 

Just like any piece of gear, make sure to care for your water shoes so they can serve you better! Happy (water) walking!

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